Gone are the days of hearts and flowers cascading over walls, curtains, bedding, and everything in hot pink and white voile. Creating a romantic bedroom is so much more subtle now, although if it is executed properly, the message it sends across is a great deal stronger. Thinking about all your senses when creating a romantic bedroom- smell, feel, look, hear and touch -and layering each one of these is key to creating the perfect romantic environment.


Scent has been recognised as a powerful factor in creating the ambience of a bedroom. If you want a seductive and sensual atmosphere, then of course flowers and scented candles can be used. However, in my opinion, incense sticks are the signature ingredient to creating a romantic bedroom. There are many sensual aromatherapy incense sticks available. Ylang ylang, nutmeg, musk and spices are all incredibly effective.

When we are creating something romantic to see and touch, it is all about the textures and colours we use. How they feel to us and what they remind us of are key components to making the space personal and intimate.



Does a beautiful, soft thick pile rug remind you of walking on soft grass on a summers day? Do cool midnight blue satin runners on a bed remind you of a beautiful midnight sky? Are soft faux fur throws and scatter cushions warm and sensual to lay on? Setting your bed off with a cool leather headboard defines the area with strength and a sexy masculine undertone. The key here is to mix your textures, whilst ensuring that they feel and look beautiful.

Romantic textures can be silks, satins and linens mixed with faux furs. Nowadays, there is so much choice, you can find faux furs that feel almost as soft as the real thing. Drape your bed in a mix of luxurious textures and you are half way there! It is important to remember that colours should work together, not fight each other. It is fine to use a mix but make sure they work together in harmony. You can  look online, in books or places such as Pinterest to see how different colour schemes can work in your bedroom and how you can make it look romantic without being a cliché.


Romantic bedroom atmosphere

One of the biggest influences for mood enhancement is lighting. This can simply transform a room. It is crucial to get the balance right with artificial lighting if you want to create the correct atmosphere in your bedroom. Of course, you will have practical lighting in your bedroom already, but you must create atmospheric lighting to really control the mood. Don’t buy side lamps and put really bright bulbs inside as this will defeat the object. If you don’t have a dimmer system in your room, go for low voltage bulbs.

Also think about lighting areas of your room so that you add pools of light to certain elements. Putting floor standing lamps into corners of rooms, especially if you have a beautiful chair or sculpture it can shed light on, can really add drama and another dimension to your bedroom. Wall lights are great at throwing pools of light in certain areas, and if you can’t apply any of these all is not lost. Candles in bundles, carefully placed in your bedroom, will bring in that romantic ambience too.

Finally to really top things off, music is a must. Nearly all of us have some kind of music system, whether it be Sonos or a mobile that we can use to create a fantastically romantic atmosphere. Find some of your favourite love songs and softly play them in the background in your bedroom. Music really lifts the spirit so choose carefully.Tatum_Main


I guarantee you that if you take all these elements into your bedroom this Valentines day, you will never look back at the cliché ideal that most of us at one time strove to create!