How To Be The Best House Guest Ever

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By Sam Atherton

When visiting someone’s home, whether they’re close family, friends or even colleagues, it is important to be a gracious guest so that they invite you back again! These factors could also be the difference between a pleasant stay and never being invited again.

Dreams surveyed 2,000 people on what they expect from guests when they come to stay at their home and what they expect from their hosts. The results showed that people are often left a little disappointed with what’s provided for the. So, we made an awesome infographic to help improve the UK’s sleep etiquette so everyone ends up happier with their stay. Click the banner below to view the infographic.


It is evident from the results of our survey that there are certain ways you should behave as a guest in someone’s home. Take a look at our top five rules of how to behave to stay in the good graces of your host.

Agree on your length of stay

Our survey results showed that 30% of people believe you should never show up to someone’s home unannounced and expect them to put you up for the night. Hosts like to make sure they are prepared for your arrival by having everything ready for you, such as a clean home, fresh bed sheets and all you need to sleep comfortably. It is advisable to make sure you have spoken to the host and agreed on the time of the arrival and how long you are staying for. If you are running late, let them know well in advance as they might have made plans.

Arrange on date of arrival

Wake up at a similar time

Aim to get up at the same time or slightly after your host. According to our survey, 49% think you should get out of bed after the host, with 40% believing you should get up at the same time.

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Bad news for early birds; it is recommended that you should never get up before your host. This can appear intrusive if you are walking around the house while they are sleeping. We found that 2% of the people surveyed thought that guests going through their things was one of the most annoying habits of a house guest.

Clean up after yourself to be a good house guest via Sleep Matters Club

Clean up after yourself

To most, it can appear rude if you expect your host to run aroundHelp with the washing the dishes to be a good guest via SMC cleaning up after you (you are not staying in a hotel, after all).  A polite house guest would clear up after themselves and make sure that they don’t make too much mess.

The most annoying habits of a house guest, according to our survey, relate to cleaning. 31% say the most annoying habit is guests leaving their belongings all over the place. 26% said not helping with the cleaning is what gets on their nerves the most.

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It is generally considered good form to keep as tidy as possible and always offer your help with the cooking and cleaning up during meal times.

Consider keeping the room you are staying in tidy. 19% of hosts believe that leaving the room clean and tidy is one of the most important forms of etiquette that a guest can display.

Be considerate of those who live there

Bear in mind that you are staying in someone else’s home and they will most likely need to get on with their everyday lives. They will have particular ways of doing things and have certain routines in place. You need to try and fit in with them (no matter how odd they may seem to you!).

Although hosts will generally make the effort to entertain you, it is not something you should expect of them. 21% said this was the most annoying habit of a house guest. 2% found that guests dominating the TV remote was the most annoying. This might mean missing your favourite TV soap, so make sure you have it on record before you leave your home, just in case!

Be a considerate house guest via Good to be Home

Also, be considerate of the noise you are making as this appears to be something hotel guests aren’t too fond of adhering to. When staying in a hotel, 40% said they can’t get a good night’s sleep as other guests’ televisions or music volume disturbs them. However, it is also important that you enjoy yourself and don’t feel like you are walking on egg shells. Our survey showed that 27% refrain from using the bathroom in the middle of the night so that they don’t wake their hosts. Some would say this is a bit too considerate, though!

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Bring them a gift

Who doesn’t like receiving gifts?! Hosts like to be appreciated for their efforts. Buying them a small gift or turning up with some sweet treats could be a great way of showing your gratitude for allowing you to stay.

96% of women like to receive flowers when they are not expecting them, and they would be a lovely addition to their home and also a nice reminder of your gratitude. It would certainly start your stay off well, that’s for sure.

Do you have any tips on how to be a gracious guest? Let us know in the comments.

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