Dreams play an important role in the lives of the Game of Thrones characters. They’ve led them on grand journeys of self discovery, guided them to success and triumph, or have been prophetic in their nature. Each dream has been important to the development of each character, helping to shape them into the heroes/villains/miscreants we all know and love.

Daenerys Targaryen

Her prophetic dreams of dragons led her on a potentially suicidal endeavour to hatch the three beautiful dragon eggs gifted to her on her wedding day. She plants the eggs within her husband’s (Khal Drogo) funeral pyre, then, when it’s ablaze, walks into it herself. In the morning, when the flames have died away, and the smoke clears, she emerges unscathed miraculously with three dragons clinging to her naked frame.

Maester Aemon

Like Daenerys, Maester Aemon, her great uncle and Maester of the Night’s Watch for most of the story until now, also dreams of dragons. In his dreams he sees dragons and the red star that heralds their coming. He wishes to be with his great niece and assist her, but his body betrays him. His visions though hold promise of the future where the Targaryen’s rule the land once again, a possible prophecy of Daenerys’s triumph.

woods in game of thrones

Bran Stark

One of our favourite characters since his very first appearance,¬†Bran Stark is another character whose dreams lead him on a journey that takes him farther than he’d ever thought possible. After his unfortunate ‘accident’, Bran starts to experience prescient dreams, which are later revealed to be the dreams of a greenseer. He dreams of a three eyed raven who acts as a spiritual guide to him, leading him through the dreams, showing him past and future events, and showing him the path he must follow. Together with his friend Jojen Reed, another greenseer who’s prophetic dreams and visions aid Bran, Meera Reed, and the legendary Hodor, they journey north of the wall to find the Three Eyed Raven and fulfil his destiny.

Jon Snow

Jon Snow, Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch and the closest thing Game of Thrones has to an actual good guy, has a dream where he is inside the body of his direwolf companion, Ghost. In the dream Ghost encounters a weirwood and hears Bran’s voice coming from him. He sees Bran’s face in the weirwood, only he has three eyes. This dream is particularly interesting as it could either be Jon dreaming of the future, where Bran has learnt to inhabit the weirwood trees and see the world through the eyes of the old gods, or it is Bran communicating with Jon from the future.

castle in game of thrones

Jaime Lannister

Jaime Lannister experiences some dreams that alter his actions. While resting under a weirwood tree he dreams of Brienne of Tarth trapped in a cave, waiting to face her doom. When he wakes he is compelled to go and rescue her from her captors, which ultimately involves him jumping into a pit to save her from a bear she’s been forced to fight. He fights off the bear and drags her out of the pit, away to safety (or as safe as one can get in Westeros).

Cersei Lannister

Jamie’s twin sister, Cersei Lannister, the woman everyone loves to hate, also has a dream that comes true, or at least it partly has so far (in the tv show). Cersei dreams of herself seated on the Iron Throne, having finally acquired it for herself. She is attended to be lords and nobles, all of them revering her. However when Tyrion arrives in the dream he begins to mock and ridicule her which leads to everyone else doing the same. In her attempts to escape their mockery she cuts herself repeatedly on the Iron Thrones spikes and she is quickly torn up by it. This dream both serves to symbolize her fear and hatred of her brother, Tyrion, and of her desire to rule Westeros herself as a dictator, a wish that appears to be fulfilled at the end of the last season of the tv show.

image of a town in game of thrones

Dreams play an important role in Game of Thrones, shaping the character’s futures and developing their personalities, making them one of the greatest, and most enduring cast of characters in any book, film, or television series.

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