Sleep is many people’s favourite part of the day, a chance to recover and rest before a new day ahead. But did you know that with the wrong pillow, your sleep isn’t as refreshing as it could be? A pillow supports 1/3 of your body, from your head to your shoulders. Therefore, it is extremely important that you pick the right pillow to suit you, or you may end up with aches and pains which will leave you tired throughout the day.

Choosing the best pillow for your needs

At Dreams, we have many different display pillows that you can grab a hold of and hop onto a bed of ours to test and see which one is right for you. However, if you want to do a little bit of research before you visit us, here are some of our popular options:

We have pillows that range in different prices as well as levels of firmness and comfort, so we have a wide variety of choice to cater for you whatever your needs are. If you’re looking for purchasing multiple pillows at once, Silentnight offer 2 possible options:

  • So Cotton Fresh Pillow 4 pack – these pillows have 100% cotton percale covers and contain anti-allergy fibres, so they are perfect for those of you who suffer from allergens! They are even endorsed by the British Allergy Foundation. These are £70 for the 4 pack or £35 when purchased with a mattress!
  • Super Springy Pillows 4 Pack – again, these Silentnight pillows are hypoallergenic, and they are also machine washable, so no need to worry about having dirty pillows!

And finally, Doze also provide a very good deal in their Super Soft Pillow Pair. These are £8 for 2 pillows, that are yet again hypoallergenic and can be machine washed! These pillows are also made in the UK and are great for those of you who sleep on your side or back. If you’re on a budget or just need some new pillows and fast, these could be the ones for you!

If you’re looking for something more long-term, look into the Tempur pillow selection. With a 3-year guarantee with Tempur themselves, they are perfect if you would prefer a luxurious and long-lasting pillow. There are two variations: comfort and cloud. Cloud is more suitable for those who enjoy a softer pillow, whereas the comfort pillow is for someone who prefers a slightly firmer feel. Both of these pillows have removable and washable covers and they are hypoallergenic. Although these pillows may look and feel quite substantial, they will fit into a standard pillowcase, so you can use these pillows with your favourite bedding.

If you find yourself getting too hot, have you tried a cool pillow? Therapur has a pillow that absorbs the warmth and heat when you are feeling more on the mild side but releases the heat when you are feeling the chill. Perfect, especially for in the summer months, and still just as good now things are getting a bit cooler!

We have lots more pillows for you to browse through, all available for you here.