There’s something about Spring that has us all itching to get out the paintbrushes to freshen up our homes and get the house ready for summer. It may be a quick makeover, or a major renovation but whatever our plans, we all seem to be bitten by the same seasonal bug every year.

And the bedroom is no exception. The impulse to throw open the windows at the first hint of a warm breeze, and spring clean under the beds is just the start. Before we know it, we’re ordering new bed linen, pouring over wallpaper samples and browsing the internet for inspiration.

But, before you do, let’s have a look at some of the major decoration trends for 2016.


It all started with Pantone announcing the 2016 colour of the year. Not just one colour this year mind, but two. Rose Quartz (the softest of pinks) and Serenity (a very pale baby blue) are now everywhere in the shops. Combining the two shades does take some skill if you don’t want the bedroom to look like a nursery however; my advice is to keep the blue and pink to accessories and accent colours. Keep a neutral base with carpets and paintwork, and add lots of metallics to give a more adult feel to the room.

Amy Daybed

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Shades of Grey

I don’t know about 50 shades, there are apparently 557 shades on the Dulux colour chart alone, according to Kate Watson-Smyth, author of bestselling book Shades of Grey. There’s no doubt that grey is a dominant trend in modern interiors and it can make for a very soothing bedroom. Subdued and non-demanding during the day, and wonderfully cosseting at night with lamplight or candles. It’s best to vary the densities of grey used to stop the room looking flat, and use lots of different textures with throws, cushions, and rugs. Is there anything nicer than the contrast of grey, with crisp, white sheets? I don’t think so.

REMY PR_2577

Scandinavian Style

I blame it on Pinterest. This desire to emulate the minimalism and freshness of a pared back room with oodles of white and a clean, bright atmosphere. For a true Scandinavian-inspired room, keep the floorboards bare and the windows free of curtains so that the light can stream in. Pattern has no place here and colours are kept to a minimum, but don’t think that this is cold by any means. Our Nordic cousins have a knack for introducing interest with linens, furs, natural materials (especially wood), and lots of thriving indoor plants.

Scandinavian style bedroom

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Bohemian Style

In complete contrast to Scandinavian style, a Bohemian room is all about maximising colour and pattern. And when I say colour, keep it strong. This is no place for pastels. Layer the bed with clashing blankets, pillows and throws and add rag rugs to the floor. A few Moroccan touches wouldn’t go amiss either – lamps, mirrors, and curtains will all add to the modern Kasbah feel.Bohemian bed

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Whether you are drawn to the minimalism of a Scandinavian interior, a Bohemian burrow, a pastel palace, or a grey enclave is all down to personal taste, but my final piece of personal advice is to be bold. Decide on your scheme, dive in, and have some fun. After all, next year you will be getting the paintbrushes out again.