From washing machines to the internet, new technology has reshaped society in ways never before imagined. But what about sleep? Since the turn of the century, sleep technology has become more and more prominent in households across the globe. But, can it really help us sleep? And if so, what are the best examples of sleep technology?

Join Dr. Pixie Mckenna, our resident sleep expert as she chats with Jack Rear, technology journalist, about what sleep tech is available and its benefits. In this episode, things take a slightly different turn too! We invite Gary Lancaster to join the conversation. A self-confessed bad sleeper, Gary brings the real-world to the conversation. Listen in as he chats with Dr. Pixie and Jack Rear about how Dreams Sleep Tech helped him improve his routine.

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What’s covered in this podcast:

  • The different types of sleep tech
  • The benefits of technology for sleep
  • How will sleep tech look in the future?
  • How technology mimics the natural world to inspire sleep
  • How sleep trackers make you more aware of your sleep quality

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