A new year already? Time really does fly! And with it comes interior design changes to spruce up your living space. But what is changing in the bedroom? We’ve searched for the latest design trends and predictions to give you a heads up on what to expect in 2018.

Pantone colour predictions for 2018

Last year Pantone brought us ‘greenery’, a revitalising shade that promised to bring a little of the outside indoors, freshening up your home with this calming natural colour. Pantone obviously couldn’t make their minds up for 2018 because they’re assigning 2018 no less than eight different colour palettes. Many of these palettes are bright, as Pantone Color Institute executive director Leatrice Eiseman says that ‘intense colours seem to be a natural application of our intense lifestyles and thought processes these days‘.

Image of colour palette predictions for 2018

Palettes ‘Verdure’, ‘Discretion’, ‘Far-fetched’ and ‘Intricacy’ will best suit the bedroom environment:

  • Verdure contains rich tones such as dark greens, berry shades and light blues; perfect for creating a calm, relaxing environment.
  • Discretion consists of similarly luxuriously shades, though with a much stronger emphasis on rose and berry shades.
  • Far-fetched sees a richer palette of rosy reds and earthy yellows, which makes it perfect for those who like to add a little gold embellishment here and there in the boudoir.
  • Intricacy includes an array of metallic shades that we’ve all come to accept as near-neutrals in the home, with the addition of berry colours and velvety yellow tones.

Go earthen

We’ve had earthiness in the past and we loved it, now it’s coming back! Natural materials are proving more and more popular. Organic materials and traditional handmade items will be more common over the next year, in contrast to the 2017 technology inspired trend.

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Image of bedroom with natural materials

To try this trend yourself, consider installing shelves made from foraged driftwood (yes, it’s time to get your DIY on!) and storing spare blankets in wicker baskets that will look great placed casually at the foot of the bed. You could also try framing some traditional materials, such as scraps of tie-dyed cloth, in frames above your bed for a novel take on wall decoration.

Four poster beds

For the king or queen inside you, 2018 is the perfect time to embrace this by installing your own four-poster bed. This bed frame has been gaining popularity, featuring often in lifestyle blogs, interior design magazines and both personal and company accounts on social media.

If space isn’t a problem then this style is definitely worth a try. A four poster bed can completely change the feel within your bedroom and instantly upgrade the environment with minimum fuss.

Velvet ’18

Image of velvet cushions

There’s a luxury trend in the air and even velvet is making a comeback for 2018. You can incorporate velvet into your bedroom quite easily by simply adding a few cushions in a hue that matches your existing palette. If you prefer the idea of something a little more dramatic then consider installing a plush velvet headboard which will provide comfort whilst being incredibly eye-catching.

A shade darker

Scandinavian interiors have been all the rage recently and the trend is going nowhere. The style is evolving slightly with the introduction of darker strains of wood and wood finishes. Scandi-style sees blonde woods take centre stage, matching their paleness with white and grey walls and textiles. Now this pale furniture finish will see earthier tones taking its place, from walnut to charring techniques used on wood to make for a cosier feel in the home.

To incorporate this in the bedroom you could install dark wooden floors (or a rug for the less drastic trend-chasers), or choose new furniture in darker shades. For something a little more pocket-friendly, consider up-cycling old furniture with a dark varnish or adding accents such as wooden photo frames.

Image of dark room

Blooming lovely

Finally, if you’re on the hunt for a speedy update that will take your bedroom from bland to brilliant in an instant then this trend is for you. According to trend forecaster Patti Carpenter, ‘large scale florals and botanical references [will] combine to transport us to forbidden gardens within our own rooms.’

A large floral tapestry hung above the bed or a feature wall of wallpaper covered in bright blooms is a chic and easy way to achieve this trend.

Are any of these design predictions for 2018 peaking your interest? Let us know which ones you’ll be incorporating in the comments section.