Dreams has launched the Sleep Matters app to help the nation sleep better by tracking sleep. We spend about a third of our lives in bed, which is a huge chunk of a lifetime that deserves to be spent in the best way possible. A sleep tracker will help you understand your sleep, and self-monitoring has been proven to improve the quality and duration of sleep by the simple fact that you’ll pay more attention to it. The Sleep Matters app acts as a motivational coach to help you spend that third of a lifetime sleeping soundly.

Sleep itself is an hugely important part of our lives and helps our bodies recover from a long day’s work and prepare for a new day. The better the sleep, the better the body is able to recharge itself overnight. Not only is sleep good for your body, but your brain uses the opportunity to log your day into long-term memories, meaning you create mental impressions that may last for the rest of your life.

The Sleep Matters app comes with a range of analysis and tech to give you the most information about your night time slumber. Whether you are looking to track your sleep, delve into your sleep analysis, browse sleep advice or learn about dream analysis, this free app will reveal the inner workings of your sleep, and will set you up to awake refreshed.

Fuelled by expertly sourced data and featuring all you need to know about sleep, Dreams have made this tool because sleep really matters!

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