An Exclusive Interview With Log

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Last Modified 31 August 2023 First Added 12 October 2021

By Nicholas Barber

Hello there Mr Log! It’s an honour to meet you. Please tell us a little about yourself?

Thank you kindly. Please just call me Log. Well, I’ve been a fan of Dreams since I was just a budding sapling – so the feeling’s mutual! So, you want to hear a little bit about me? Well, I grew up in an old forest in the USA. I have hundreds of brothers, sisters and relatives of various shapes, sizes and species, some deciduous and many evergreens.

After growing old enough to leave the forest, I shipped myself to Hollywood in a bid to become a star, only to be told my acting was simply too wooden. I soon realised I was barking up the wrong tree. So, after recovering from a nasty bout of woodworm, I decided to spread my branches and emigrate to the jolly old UK.

I just love it here. In fact, I’ve decided to put my roots down. There’s so much that I’m learning about this wonderful country and you have one of the most famous forests in the world here, in the Midlands, so I really feel right at home.

Why’s sleep so important to you?

Sleep is just the most wonderful activity, there’s simply nothing better in life – don’t you agree? Sleep allows my trunk and mind to recharge, leaving me feeling refreshed and alert when I wake up. I find good quality sleep also helps to keep my bark healthy and stave off diseases. Without enough sleep, you humans can struggle with what’s known as brain fog, plus many other issues.

What sort of deep research have you done into sleep?

I’ve studied a lot about sleep. The Sleep Matters Club is actually a great source of information. From the different sleeping cycles to how sleep patterns change, through to dream meanings, I find it all fascinating!

And what have you learned about sleep?

Sleep plays a vital role in our lives. The quality of sleep we get greatly influences our well-being and if we don’t get enough of it, lots of things can go a bit awry – such as our ability to concentrate and learn, our mental health, and our physical health.

How did you become such a big fan of Dreams?

Once I’d visited a few of your branches and had a look at your fabulous website, plus the Sleep Matters Club, I was hooked.

I’m impressed at how many different branches you have! Over 200 at my last count. What a remarkable country! Anywhere that takes sleep as seriously as you do is just fine with me.


What are some of your favourite things about Dreams?

I had a whale of a time trying out the unique Sleepmatch service which is a super smart bit of tech that chooses the right mattress for you in just 3 minutes. I loved meeting the lovely Dreams Sleep Experts too. They’re all so helpful and friendly. Your product range is huge, but you guys are so good at narrowing it down and recommending the right products.

Tell us some of the most interesting stats you know about sleep

 Everything about sleeping is interesting to me, but here are some facts and figures that you might not know:

Thanks, Log! It’s been lovely chatting with you

Oh, the pleasure’s all mine!

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