10 Easy Ways To Stay Cool At Night

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Last Modified 3 March 2021 First Added 19 July 2016

By Sam Turner

The summer is great: going to the beach, barbecues in the garden, and light evenings to enjoy. However, there’s a dark side to the summer months, as for every ice cream we enjoy, there’s the risk of a sleepless night due to the soaring, muggy temperatures. And while we may feel generally more relaxed at this time of year, life doesn’t stop and we still need to get our full complement of shut-eye. However The Sleep Matters Club is here to help with our top tips on how to stay cool at night and get the sleep you need when the weather heats up.

Cotton Sheets

Bed sheets made of lightweight cotton are much more breathable than their polyester counterparts and make the warm nights cooler, while still giving you the comfort and security of having a cover over you.

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Frozen Pillow

Many people are advocates of putting their pillow in the freezer to cool it down in time for bedtime. This gives a pleasant effect when settling down in a warmer than average room. It is the extreme version of the ever-popular ‘cold side of the pillow’.

Freeze your pillow to keep you cool at night - plus other great tips

Limit Your Alcohol Intake

Alcohol dehydrates you, which will in turn raise your body temperature. So while a cool glass of white wine may be nice in the sun, it could have a detrimental effect on your slumber.

Get An Electric Fan

An electric fan can help in a number of ways. The noise can be a soothing way to carry you off, the cool air will lower your temperature, and the movement of the air will make it more difficult for mosquitoes to land and attack you!Image of a fan used to stay cool


Sleep Alone To Stay Cool

Snuggling sleepers won’t like this, but it makes sense if you have an extra bed to utilise it at the peak of summer. The extra body temperature can severely hamper your chances of getting a solid eight hours.

If you are looking for a particularly cool mattress for your spare bed, why not look at our range of Therapur ActiGel mattresses? These mattresses, which are exclusive to Dreams, give you the comfort of foam with an added gel layer, to help regulate temperature and make sure you stay cool through the night.

Seasonal Eating

Tucking into a full roast dinner just before bedtime is never a good idea but, in the summer especially, a light salad or small meal is preferable. The more food your body has to metabolise, the more your temperature is likely to rise.

Cold Shower

Rinse off the clamminess of the day and feel fresh and clean when diving into a bed of soft, cool cotton sheets. A cool shower will bring your temperature down like nothing else.Read our tips on keeping cool while trying to get to sleep on hot summer nights

Floor Sleeping

It’s common knowledge that hot air rises, so if you are really struggling with the temperatures in your bed, try moving your mattress onto the floor. You may also find you stay cool on the ground floor of your home rather than sleeping upstairs.

Hanging Sheet

Opening a window and hanging a wet sheet in front of the interior will reduce the temperature of a whole room. Keeping the sun out during the day, by drawing the blinds, will also prevent the room from heating up.

Switch Off

Most electrical appliances will emit some heat. Turning everything in your bedroom off at the plug will go some way to cooling the climate in there.

So, this summer, make sure you enjoy the higher temperatures rather than have them hinder your sleep. If you have any tips on how to stay cool during the summer nights, please comment below.

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