As National Bed Month draws to a close, it’s time to choose our final winner of bed of the week. The last winner of bed of the week goes to the truly divine red velvet Macgill bed frame. Read on to find out why our Macgill bed frame is a deserved winner.

Indulge your senses, deep rich colour

A shade that cannot be ignored, red always makes a statement. What better way to add a sense of drama and luxury to your bedroom than with a deep rich red. The luxe colour works beautifully against dark walls as the contrast really makes the deep red tones stand out. This colour combined with the tactile velvet gives the Macgill bed frame a truly sumptuous feel. To create a regal style bedroom, team the Macgill with elegant carved furniture and chandeliers to create an opulent look.

Macgill Upholstered in Rich Red Velvet

Contrast with metal studs

Metal accents are such an on-trend way to highlight extra details of a bed frame. The Macgill features metal studs all the way round the grand winged headboard and footboard to really accentuate the curvature of these elements. The contrasting tone of the silver against the red creates a dramatic and glamorous look.

Macgill red velvet bed frame

Classic Chesterfield style

A much-loved trend, the classic Chesterfield finish of the headboard and footboard are a beautiful addition to this luxurious frame. The buttons add an extra layer to the design, giving the frame shadowing for extra drama. A Chesterfield finish is quite a traditional look, but combined with the bold red velvet, it gives the Magill bed frame a sumptuous look.

Macgill Bed Frame With Chesterfield Finish