Having a small bedroom has its perks. There’s less space to clean, fewer pieces of furniture to buy, and the compactness will make your room feel warm and cosy. Be that as it may, having a small bedroom is not always seen as desirable. Luckily there are a number of decoration tricks to make your bedroom appear bigger and brighter, without having to call the builders.

Bedside chests

Perfect for storing away those extra bits and pieces, bedside chests with spacious drawers are ideal for saving space. Our Melbourne bedside chest has 3 drawers to help with storing away bedtime reads. They’re great to rest lamps on too. Extra lighting in your bedroom will help with making your room feel brighter and help bounce light around the room, especially off things like mirrors…


Mirror, mirror on the wall

Simple and quick to add to any room, mirrors help reflect light around your bedroom, creating a bright and spacious feel. If you’re worried about hanging mirrors to the wall, why not attach full length mirrors to the outside of your wardrobe or door? They’ll help your room feel bigger, and you’ll know whether that top goes with those jeans.

Calvert wooden bed frame

Use multifunctioning pieces

If your bedroom is small, space will be limited. Use smart pieces of furniture that can double up as extra things. Our Alexander TV Ottoman works as three things; a bed frame, storage space, and a home for your TV. Keeping your TV hidden will make your room feel bigger. You won’t have to rest it on top of your chest of drawers, or mount it to a wall; and with your wall space saved you can mount a mirror instead!


Give your furniture a lift

Light plays a key role in making your bedroom feel bigger and brighter. Furniture on legs let’s light flow underneath and will help create a sense of openness. Our Bond bed with matching bedside chest are both sat on beautifully designed legs, making them a touch higher and perfect for allowing light to flow under. Try and have at least one piece of furniture with some height, whether it’s your bed, bedside chest or even a bench.

Bond Wooden Bed Frame

Let there be light

A poorly lit room can feel gloomy and claustrophobic. Invest in a floor lamp and lamps for your bedside chests to really banish the darkness. To add a real sense of cosiness to your room, hang some fairy lights around your mirror – the reflection from the mirror will help your room feel even brighter!

Ditch the footboard

If your room has little space between the end of your mattress and the wall it’s definitely worth getting a bed frame without a footboard. By doing so you can drape a throw over the end of your bed, the unbroken line of fabric keeps the eyes moving, making your room look a little bigger. Our Deacon ottoman doesn’t have a footboard and also doubles up as storage.

Deacon Fabric Ottoman Bed Frame

Dark paint = bigger looking rooms

You’re probably re-reading that title thinking we’ve definitely got it wrong. Dark colours visually recede making something that’s dark look further away than it really is. Use dark blues, or charcoals to add drama, and help you have a relaxing night’s sleep. If you don’t want to commit to painting your whole bedroom a darker shade, choose a feature wall instead.

Blake Champagne GoldMetal Bed Frame

Reduce the clutter

There’s nothing that makes a bedroom look smaller and cramped than clutter.  While you can invest in bedside tables and storage bed frames, sometimes you do just have to have a clear out. Have your spring clean early and sort out the things that just aren’t essential or useful to you anymore. If you like, you can donate them to your local charity shop. It’s kind and helps clear your bedroom surfaces.