Here are five versatile beds that offer much more than just a great night’s sleep. At Dreams, we know beds are one of the most hardworking pieces of furniture in your home, which is why we’ve added smart features to hundreds of our designs. From integrated technology to generous storage space, they’ll help you get the most out of your bedroom and keep it uncluttered and restful. Here are five models to check out.

Neutral power
As curvy and comfortable as the plumpest sofa, the Lucia incorporates a generously sized storage drawer that is almost invisible when shut. This sophisticated upholstered bed is made for layering, so you may wish to use the drawer for extra bed linen, throws and cushions. However, it has endless uses – books, nightwear and even out-of-season bedroom curtains are all things you could stash away.

Upholstered bed frame

Lift me up
The contemporary fabric Cavill bed has instant visual appeal, but it’s not just a pretty face: a hydraulic system, operated by two handles for ease of use, gives access to a full-length drawer where you can store anything from spare bedding to shoes, books and more. If saving space is a priority, or you like to rotate your bedroom accessories regularly, this is the bed for you.

TV special
Beds don’t come more versatile than the Midnight Blue Truscott, which not only has an underbed storage unit for stashing DVDs, but also a Bluetooth-enabled LG LED screen hidden in its foot end. It’s also available in black bonded leather. Two buttons on either side of the bed raise the TV as if by magic, then make it disappear again after use. So, not only does your bed double up as a home entertainment system, but it also keeps it neatly hidden away, too. What more could you wish for?

Wide angle
For a seamless look and oodles of storage space, check out our Wilson bed. Its opening top is useful for narrow bedrooms that have less space for side drawers, and is completely invisible when closed, complementing the bed’s clean lines.

Wilson Ottoman storage bed

Chamber music
The Alexander TV bed is a new innovation for Dreams – its first to feature an integrated sound system with a TV and storage drawers. Now you can dispense with your hi-fi or the bulky radio on your bedside table – this slimline system, operated by wireless remote control, is housed within the bed’s oatmeal fabric side rail.  Fall asleep to your favourite sounds, or spend a lazy Sunday morning with the papers, breakfast in bed with a relaxing soundtrack, or TV show.

Alexander TV & sound bed
Alexander TV & sound bed in oatmeal