Our Flaxby collection prides itself on using natural fillings and expert craftsmanship to offer you the ultimate handmade mattress. Find out more about how our Flaxby range is crafted, and the fantastic properties these mattresses have to offer.

The Tale Behind Our Flaxby Handmade Mattresses

We travelled to North Yorkshire where, nestled amongst the hills and dales of the Yorkshire moors, we found the best British craftsmen to create our range. Lovingly handmade, every single mattress contains 100% natural fillings specifically chosen for their comfort and temperature control qualities. Flaxby is our very first range created from sustainable materials, all the elements that are used to create a Flaxby mattress are home-grown or reared in Yorkshire.

Each mattress is precision made by an expert, with every detail of the mattress added by hand. This means the mattresses in our Flaxby range are one of a kind, and crafted with professional attention to detail.

Flaxby lovingly handmade mattresses in North Yorkshire

What goes into our Flaxby range?

The most superior quality cotton, wool, cashmere, mohair and silk all blend together in our Flaxby mattresses to create a luxurious and incredibly comfortable experience. The natural materials are also great at regulating body temperature throughout the night, meaning you’ll never spend a night tossing and turning again. These materials are also exceptionally great at ensuring any moisture is wicked away from your body.

Flaxby mattresses

Partnered with these luxurious materials is our own advanced DNAir pocket spring system. Each DNAir pocket spring has small perforated holes in the material. When the springs compress, air is pushed out from the pockets and into the natural fillings that sit above. This encourages air circulation; keeping your mattress fresh and dry.

All springs are made in our Yorkshire factory. This means we can offer springs in soft or medium tensions, allowing you to choose the firmness that’s right for you. You can even have different tensions on each side of the mattress if you and your partner have different comfort preferences.

Flaxby DNAir pocket springs

Complete the look

Our Flaxby Collection doesn’t end with mattresses. You can partner it with our beautifully soft divan bases. The bases themselves house 1,000 pocket springs to add an extra dimension of comfort, additional support, and help to increase the longevity of your mattress.

Flaxby Steel Divan Base
Flaxby Steel Divan Base

Our handcrafted headboards give your Flaxby divan the perfect finishing touch. With three designs that can be upholstered in your choice of five luxurious fabrics, these headboards really complete the look of your Flaxby divan.

Flaxby Gransmore Mocha Headboard
Flaxby Gransmore Mocha Headboard

Why Flaxby is the right choice for you

Selected with you in mind Flaxby offers a whole host of benefits:

  • Handmade by expert craftsman in Yorkshire
  • Only the best, sustainable, natural, materials are used to produce our Flaxby mattresses
  • Customise your comfort preferences on each side of the mattress
  • A wide range of spring counts to choose from ranging between 3000 – 16,500 pocket springs

Once you’ve invested in a Flaxby mattress, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!