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At Dreams we understand choosing a new mattress can be a bit tricky as there are so many different options. To make it easier for you we have created ‘Comfort by Colour’ to help guide you through the process of buying your mattress. Each colour represents a different type of mattress with its own unique comfort characteristics. There are 5 in total: Traditional Spring, Pocket Spring, Combination, Advanced and Tempur.

Once you have identified your preferred ‘Comfort by Colour’ category you can use this colour to find which mattresses are recommended for you, both online and in our stores.

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  • Traditional Spring Mattresses

    Features a series of connected springs for excellent support over the entire sleeping area.

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  • Pocket Spring Mattresses

    Individual springs that move independently to conform to body shape. Relieves pressure and prevents 'roll together'.

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  • Combination Mattresses

    Combines springs and a layer of memory foam, latex or gel. Enhanced comfort and pressure relief.

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  • Advanced Mattresses

    The ultimate in comfort and support. Advanced materials like memory foam, latex or gel provide enhanced comfort and support.

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  • Tempur Mattresses

    Innovative and responsive Tempur material. Conforms to your shape and provides outstanding superior support.

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