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If you're a little short on space but still want room for guests to sleep when they visit, then a sofa bed could be the perfect solution. Browse our varied, high quality collection today for great deals on classic and contemporary sofa beds for spare rooms and living rooms. Choose between pull out, corner, lift and pull, A‐frame and clic‐clac sofa beds.

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Sofa by day, bed by night. A sofa bed is the perfect solution for those short on space, as it combines two pieces of furniture to make one practical and cosy place to rest. This is especially handy for living rooms, guest rooms, and small apartments. Sofa beds and chair beds are also useful when accommodating guests last minute. There are a few options to consider, such as the types of sofa bed, the storage space and the size of your sofa bed.

What size sofa bed do I need?

The recommended size for your sofa bed depends on the size of those sleeping in it and the amount of people sleeping in it too. A chair bed is a great space saving sofa bed for one guest. For larger spaces such as living rooms and large bedrooms, a double sofa bed will be ideal. For living rooms, you’ll also need to consider how many people are likely to use it as a sofa. For the ultimate in style, consider a large statement 3‐seater sofa bed that more than holds it own against a traditional sofa.

What mattress do I need for a sofa bed?

Many sofa‐beds don’t actually need a mattress. That’s because they either have one included within their frame or use the back and seat of the sofa as a mattress. For example, a pull‐out sofa bed usually has a roll‐up mattress that’s hidden when not in use. On the other hand, clic‐clac sofa beds use the cushions that form the mattress. However, if you do need a sofa bed mattress, the recommended range for a double should be anything from 52‐60 inches wide and roughly 72 inches long for maximum comfort. In terms of depth, anything over 4.5 inches will give you a comfortable night's sleep.

What are the best sofa beds for living rooms?

There are several considerations to make when choosing a sofa bed for a living room. First, it should go well with your current décor. Our collection features everything from small cosy styles to statement luxurious pieces, making it easy to find the perfect fit. As well as style, you’ll also need to consider which type of sofa bed you need. For example, if you plan to place your sofa bed against a living room wall, it’s best to choose one that pulls out rather than one that folds back.

What are the different types of sofa beds?

There are 5 different types of sofa beds, including fold out, clic‐clac, lift and pull, A‐frame or corner sofa beds. All of which are easy to assemble.

Folding Sofa Beds

As the name suggests, a folding sofa bed simply works by unfolding the mattress from the settee into a comfy and generous bed with two swift movements. This style of sofa bed is perfect for more regular, longer term use as it features a tailored foldable mattress. You can customise your choice of mattress from memory foam or an open spring mattress, unlike other sofa beds which use the sofa cushions as a base to sleep on.

Clic Clac Sofa Beds

A clic clac sofa bed isn't too different from a folding sofa bed and is one of the simplest to operate. Simply pull the lower front panel of the sofa forwards to unfold the A shaped frame into a flat platform. A cantilever mechanism helps return the bed into the sofa position.

Lift and Pull Sofa Beds

A lift and pull sofa bed is possibly one of the most traditional mechanisms and is most commonly seen in futon sofa beds. To assemble a lift and pull sofa bed, simply lift the seat of the sofa upwards, angle it almost vertically until you release the locking mechanism, then pull the seat back down to create a flat platform.

A‐Frame Sofa Beds

With an A‐frame sofa bed, you simply pull the lower front panel of the sofa forwards to unfold the A shaped frame into a flat platform. Again, a cantilever mechanism returns the bed into the sofa position.

Corner Sofa Beds

Finally, corner sofa beds feature an additional platform underneath the sofa, which pops up to align with the rest of the seat and create a cosy double bed. This also offers an extra storage compartment in the ottoman base, which is especially handy to those trying to maximise living room space.

Tailoring your sofa bed to you

As well as the different types of sofa beds available, there are also a variety of styles to choose from, in terms of colour, material and design. At Dreams, we offer a wide range of colours and finishes, including a variety of fabrics. Depending on what you're looking for, certain sofa beds offer more storage than others, whereas some offer a more contemporary look. To browse our range of sofa beds, use the filters. If you're interested in shopping for sofa beds, we offer sofa beds which maximise space without compromising on comfort. What's more, buying a sofa bed or futon from Dreams won't cost you a fortune, and thanks to our price promise, you'll sleep well knowing you've got a great deal.

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