Sofa bed lifting mechanisms explained

Explore the different sofa bed opening mechanisms below, so you can rest assured you've chosen the right one for you.

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If you need a place for guests to sleep, but are short on space, a sofa bed could be the perfect solution. Serving two purposes as a sofa and a bed, you're sure to find one to suit your needs in our collection.

There are 5 main types of sofa bed mechanisms:

Folding sofa beds

This style of sofa bed is perfect for more regular, longer term use as it features a tailored foldable mattress. You can customise your choice of mattress from memory foam or an open spring mattress, unlike other sofa beds which uses the sofa cushions as a base to sleep on. The bed is unfolded from the base of the sofa in two movements.

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Clic clac sofa beds

This is the simplest mechanism to operate. Simply push the back of the sofa forwards slightly to release the locking mechanism, then fold the back down to create a flat platform.

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A-Frame sofa beds

To operate this style of sofa bed you simply pull the lower front panel of the sofa forwards, this unfolds the A shaped frame into a flat platform. A cantilever mechanism helps return the bed into the sofa position.

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Lift & pull sofa beds

This is the traditional form of sofa bed mechanisms, most commonly used for futon style sofa beds. Lift the seat of the sofa upwards, angle it almost vertically until you release the locking mechanism, then pull the seat back down to create a flat platform.

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Corner sofa beds

This particular design functions as a modern, stylish corner sofa. An additional platform pulls out from below the sofa and pops up to align with the ottoman end, creating a double bed. The ottoman also features a sizeable storage compartment to keep any additional bedding.

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