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Our recycling service lets you focus on the arrival of your new bed or mattress, without having to worry about the time and effort of disposal. We have developed a service that’s fast, convenient and environmentally friendly; we pick up your old bed or mattress directly from your home when we deliver your new one, and recycle your item at our own specialised bed and mattress recycling centre.

Our recycling service:
Zero landfill

We're committed to the environment and make sure that no part of your old bed or mattress reaches a landfill.


All recyclable materials are reused and all other waste is turned into green energy.


We will provide you with a green bag to seal your old mattress in prior to delivery.

Room of your choice

We'll deliver your new purchase to the room of your choice.

Too late?

Contact us 72 hours prior to delivery to add recycling to your order.

Monday - Saturday

We can recycle your goods Monday to Saturday from 8am - 6pm, depending on your chosen delivery date.

How to wrap a mattress or divan for recycling
  • Completely seal your mattress in the bag with tape.
  • Wrap 6ft mattress by slitting the side of the bag and sealing on to the protuding edge with tape.
  • Unbolt divan bases and break down bedsteads ready for collection.
  • Please don't leave the mattress unsealed. It must be sealed for hygiene reasons.
  • Please don't pack your large 6ft mattress incorrectly or leave it unsealed.
  • Please don't use the recycling bag for divan bases or bedstead parts.

We want to make the recycling service is as easy as possible for our customers. That is why we make sure you have all the packaging for mattress recycling before your delivery is due. If you have placed your order online, as soon as your order is confirmed we will post a mattress recycling bag to your delivery address. Alternatively, for store orders, we will provide you with a bag to take away with you that day.

On the day of delivery, after you've had a call from our delivery team with your two-hour time slot, dismantle your old bed. Our delivery team will then tape the pieces of your old frame together and take it away for recycling. To recycle your old divan base, please make sure it is empty and unbolted.

To make sure we can take your mattress away as quickly as possible we ask that you seal it with tape inside the bags we supply you with for hygiene reasons. Super King (6ft) mattresses won’t entirely be covered by the bag. To wrap these, slit the side of the bag and seal it with tape on the protruding edge.

Firstly, we disassemble your mattress. All the different materials are separated and compacted into large bales to help save space when we transport to other recycling destinations.

We send metal springs to a metal recycling plant where they are melted down into new light iron products. Polyester padding is used by the fibre blending industry and can be used in various things, even the fillings in your pet’s cushions! The foam in your mattress is used in either energy from waste generation or it can be cleaned and used to make carpet underlay. It’s difficult to recycle mattress covers due to hygiene, so they are turned into fuel as an alternative to fossil fuels, creating green energy and heat.

We are constantly working alongside our recycling partner to research and explore new uses for the parts of your mattress.

Our prices for recycling vary depending on what item you'd like us to take away.

Single mattresses - £25

Double mattresses - £35

King & super king mattresses - £40

Bed frames, divan bases & kids beds - £25

Please note, kids beds include bunk beds, high sleepers, midsleepers, kids single beds and toddler beds

Sofa beds (not including standard sofas) - £30

Headboards - £20

TV beds - £50