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Here at Dreams we know how important it is to find your perfect mattress, after all we spend a third of our lives in bed. Whether you are looking for a pocket spring or memory foam mattress, a traditional spring or gel mattress, we have a variety of luxurious sleep solutions to ensure a great night's sleep.

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Traditional spring mattresses
Features a series of connected springs for excellent support over the entire sleeping area.
Pocket spring mattresses
Individual springs that move independently to conform to body shape. Relieves pressure and prevents 'roll together'.
Combination mattresses
Combines springs, and a layer of memory foam, latex or gel. Enhanced comfort and pressure relief.
Advanced mattresses
The ultimate in comfort and support. Advanced materials like memory foam, latex or gel provide enhanced support and comfort.
TEMPUR mattresses
Exclusive to Dreams, CoolTouch™ technology TEMPUR mattresses. Unique mattresses that host temperature sensitive material and feel cooler upon touch.
Memory foam mattresses
Innovative and responsive memory foam; conforms to your shape and provides outstanding superior comfort.
ActiGel mattresses
A unique support layer that moulds to body shape to provide improved support and comfort, whilst regulating body temperature.
Latex mattresses
Contours to body shape, providing improved support and comfort. The natural elasticity of latex allows it to spring back into shape as you move.
Natural mattresses
Layers of natural fibres provide an extremely comfortable sleeping surface whilst also providing exceptional support for your body.
Rolled mattresses
Rolled and vacuum packed mattresses deliver great support and comfort whilst also having the convenience of being easily transportable.
Kids mattresses
A range of mattresses for toddlers and young children, from soft to firm, to ensure a great night's sleep for your little ones.
Adjustable mattresses
Complete your adjustable base or power bed with one of our high quality adjustable mattresses for optimum personalised comfort.
Sleepmotion mattresses
A range of mattresses that slot perfectly onto Dreams exclusive sleepmotion™ bases to adjust at the touch of a button.
Zip and link mattresses
Great if you want one big bed that can be made into two singles, or if you or your partner prefer different mattress tensions.
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When it comes to mattresses, it’s not a case of one style fits all. There are a variety of ways you can tailor your mattress to you. You can filter depending on the type you’re after, your comfort preferences and the size of your desired mattress. Browse our selection of mattresses online or read on for more information about what’s available.

What are the different types of mattresses?

Mattresses mainly differ by what is in them. These materials combine to control the overall comfort and support offered. The five main types of mattresses are:

Traditional spring: As the name suggests, these consist of a series of individual springs connected to make up the entire sleeping area of the mattress. These springs are then layered with a foam mattress topper to offer a cheap mattress with extra comfort.

Pocket spring: Pocket spring technology is similar to traditional spring; however, the springs are wrapped in individual fabric pockets. This allows each spring to move independently and mould to your body shape. They also help to prevent roll together which is where you and your partner end up rolling into the middle of the bed.

Combination: A combination mattress combines a layer of pocket springs with layers of foam and gel. This advanced technology helps with pressure relief and support.

TEMPUR memory foam: TEMPUR memory foam contains a layer of high‐density base foam, ventilated cool foam and an extra layer of memory foam. These mattresses mould to the contours of your body and help with temperature regulation.

Finally, an advanced mattress contains a variety of breathable materials instead of springs. For example, memory foam, gel or latex. These all help you keep your cool during the night and offer optimum comfort.

Choosing the best mattress comfort grade

Each type of mattress also varies by comfort grade, from soft to very firm. Every comfort grade has its advantages, and the right one for you depends on your personal preferences but also your favoured sleeping position.

Soft mattresses are best for those who sleep on their side. This is because a soft mattress is the best mattress for cushioning and side sleepers have the most vulnerable pressure points, for example, their hips.

Medium mattresses are best for those who sleep on their front, as they offer enough support for the spine and are very comfortable. Because of this spinal support, they are also best for those who sleep on their back.

Finally, firm mattresses are also recommended for those who sleep on their back. This is because they offer the most support out of all the mattresses and it’s very important that the spine keeps its natural alignment.

What brands and sizes are available?

Dreams stock mattresses from a wide range of great brands including TEMPUR, Silentnight, Sealy, Flaxby and Therapur as well as our very own Dreams Workshop collection.On top of this, we offer every size you can think of including quality mattresses for toddlers and young children, standard single mattresses, double mattresses and much bigger mattress dimensions, such as a super king.

To ensure you are completely happy with your new purchase we also offer a fantastic 40 Night Comfort Guarantee to enable you to swap for an alternative if you are not 100% comfortable.

We understand that choosing a mattress online is difficult, so if you have any questions call us on 0800 652 5090.