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It's more than just your bed that's important. Our wide range of bedroom furniture pieces, from wardrobes and bedside chests to storage boxes and accessories, offer you high quality, stylish solutions to make sure your bedroom is everything you could wish for.

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Our furniture ranges combine the finest quality German craftsmanship, with beautifully refined, design led aesthetics.

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"Bedrooms are now more than just a place for sleep. Whether you like to watch TV, read a book before bed, or just enjoy some time away from the rest of the house, your bedroom needs to be relaxing and suited to your taste.

So, it's not only your bed that’s important when it comes to your bedroom but furniture too. But with a huge variety of furniture designs and styles, it can be difficult to make your choice. Here are some of the ain considerations you should make.

Why should you choose a furniture collection?

Furniture collections offer a quick and easy way of ensuring your bedroom interior remains stylish and consistent. Each piece in a collection is designed using the same materials, techniques and processes. This provides a harmonious finish to your bedroom.

For modern rooms, you could choose a black gloss or crisp white furniture collection which gives your room a minimal, clutter-free look. Or if you prefer a more traditional decor, opt for the rustic oak and champagne collections to give your bedroom that warm, country-cottage finish. But don't worry if you are only looking for one or two pieces of furniture, you can buy these furniture pieces separate from the whole collection.

What are the different types of furniture?

Of course there are many different types of furniture, however, these are the main categories you need to consider.

  • Bedside chests: As the name suggests, these chests are to be placed alongside your bed, providing drawers for storage and easy access to anything you need at hand through the night or in the morning. What you put on top of your bedside chest is up to you but most often bedside chests are used for bedside lamps, a place for your phone while it charges, and of course, somewhere to put a hot brew on a lazy weekend morning.

  • Chest of drawers: Drawer chests come in a range of sizes, from narrow to wide, and small to tall. They make the most of ample drawer space, great for storing clothes and extra bedding. The wider options can also double up as a TV stand which is great for bedrooms where space is at a premium.

  • Wardrobes: The largest and most obvious of the furniture pieces, wardrobes provide huge amounts of space for storing clothes. They are perfect for storing larger items such as coats or for already ironed clothes that need hanging up. Coming in a range of styles, a new wardrobe can perfectly complement your decor and add a bespoke, relaxing ambience to your bedroom.

  • Overbed units: An overbed unit combines a range of furniture pieces into an all-in-one combination. Designed to slot perfectly over your bedframe, or with a bed frame included, these units provide a multi-function answer to storage, space-saving and comfort.

  • Storage boxes: Storage boxes are designed to sit at the end of your bed, providing extra space for hiding away your lesser used items and accessories. Great for out of season bedding and clothes, they also often match our ranges of bed frames. With stylish designs, a storage box can add the finishing touch to your bed, the centrepiece of your bedroom.

  • Accessories: Furniture accessories include a range of different items from wall mirrors to kid’s toy boxes. They can often act as the final touch to a newly updated room or give your current room a fresh new feel.

For those who want more options when it comes to customising their furniture, our collections come in different styles, ideal for helping you achieve your perfect bedroom. Whether you want a wardrobe with a full-length mirror or an 8-drawer ‘his and her’ chest, you’ll be sure to find the answer in our furniture collections.

What’s more, plenty of our furniture pieces and collections come either ready assembled or are assembled in your home on delivery. This saves you time and leaves you stress-free, ready to enjoy your brand-new bedroom decor.

Choosing a furniture collection online can be difficult, so if you have any questions over sizes and dimensions, or anything else you need help with, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Call us on 0800 652 5090."