How to choose the perfect duvet for you?

When buying a duvet, there are two important things you should consider - the filling and the tog rating. Find out everything you need to know about duvets below.

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What are the different fillings?

Whether you decide to go for luxurious down or machine washable microfibres we have the perfect option for you.


Mother nature is hard to beat. Natural duvets are durable and last longer than those with synthetic fillings. They excel in keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer, with the natural fibres helping your skin 'breathe' as you sleep. Duvets with natural fillings are soft, lightweight and comfortable.

Duck feather & down - from £70

Perfect for those who prefer a heavier duvet with fillings of 85% feathers and 15% down. Feathers give extra warmth as the quills capture air to help keep you warmer.

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Crafted with only the finest natural and sustainable materials, Flaxby products offer luxury comfort whilst using luxuriously indulgent materials.

Our Flaxby range features, duvets, pillows, mattresses, divan beds and headboards. This complete range enables you to create a natural sleeping environment whether you choose one product or the complete set.

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Synthetic duvets are a practical choice if you're allergic to feathers and down. All our synthetic duvets are hypo-allergenic, so are less likely to trigger or aggravate allergies. The synthetic fillings also make these duvets easier to wash, quicker to dry, and ultimately easy to care for.

Anti-Allergy hollowfibre - from £20

Specially treated to prevent house dust mites our anti-allergy duvets will enable you to sleep irritation free.

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Siliconised hollowfibre - from £30

These fibres slide off each other resisting matting to give the duvet a soft, lustrous feel.

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Our Doze duvets are available in a range of sizes. The collection includes just like down, ultra soft washable and anti-allergy. All supporting our range of Doze mattresses and pillows, these duvets have been selected with you in mind.

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Our TheraPur range is designed to keep your body at a healthy temperature as you sleep. All duvets offer outstanding breathability and are machine washable so you can be sure you'll have the best night's sleep.

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To complement our range of Silentnight mattresses, we have a range of the very best Silentnight duvets and pillows to provide you with a great night's sleep.

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Tog ratings explained
Summer Spring/Autumn Winter
1 – 4.5 7 – 10.5 12 ‐ 15

What is Tog?

Tog is the degree to which the duvet retains heat. It’s essentially a measure of how warm it will keep you during the night.

Duvet tog ratings range from tog 1 to tog 15. The higher the tog, the better the heat retention, meaning you’ll be a lot warmer if you opt for a higher rating. The most common tog found in Europe is tog 10.5 and this kind of duvet is often used all year round. However, for others, they’ll switch out their tog depending on a range of other factors, such as season, bed sizes, and the age of the person using the bed.

Duvet tog sizes explained

There are a variety of duvet tog sizes available, all providing a different level of warmth. 1 – 4.5 tog is excellent for warmer days, particularly in the Summer. 7– 10.5 tog is best for those middle seasons, such as autumn and spring. 12 ‐ 15 tog is suitable for colder winter nights. Alternatively, you can go for an all‐ season duvet if you want some flexibility.

Although some people will have multiple duvets with differing tog ratings, many will purchase a tog 10.5 duvet and use that throughout the year. A tog 10.5 duvet is often considered an all‐rounder that can be used during any season.

Duvet tog sizes for different ages

The tog rating you get is also slightly dependant on the age of the individual sleeping in the bed. If an adult is using the duvet, the tog rating will be more the result of personal choice, whereas for children, the options are less subjective.

Younger children require low tog ratings. As young children tend to be smaller, they can easily become overwhelmed with the size of a thick duvet, resulting in overheating. If you happen to be buying for a child, aim for a tog rating lower than 10.5.

For toddlers and babies, get a tog rating of 4. Very young children have trouble regulating their own body temperature and it can be dangerous to have them sleeping in a duvet with a high tog rating. Also, as children of this age will be sleeping in a cot, the bed will naturally retain more heat because of its small size, requiring less heat to be retained in the duvet.

What duvet size should I get?

We recommend that you choose the duvet size that matches the size of your bed. For example, if you have a double bed, a double duvet will be the best fit. If you share a bed, you might want a larger duvet so there's plenty to go around. In this case, if you had a double bed choose a king duvet for that extra amount of duvet.

Caring for your duvet

When you take care of your duvet it'll help you get a great sleep night after night. We recommend that you wash your duvet every 6-12 months. Always check the care label on the duvet for clarity on washing temperatures and whether it can be tumble dried. Due to the size of some of our duvets it may be easier to wash these at your local laundrette. Their large capacity washing and drying machines will easily take care of your duvet. To avoid the filling clumping together or being ruined, make sure your duvet is completely dry before using it again.