Children's Bed And Mattress Guide

Kids beds that are the perfect fit

As the nation's leading specialist in the industry of sleep, Dreams know just how important it is to get a good night's sleep to everyone, but never is this more important than when you're a child. Fortunately, we're here to help with our superb range of kids beds to help achieve this.

Children of all ages need a great deal of sleep, which is vital for them to grow. Deep sleep which occurs regularly is incredibly important for the development, learning and sustained growth of any child. That's why it's so important that children have the best sleep environment, with a specially optimised bed and mattress just for them. A mattress with a pocket spring system, which will provide maximum support as they grow, is definitely recommended.

Good sleep habits that each child should have

All children need between 10 to 11 hours of sleep. Despite this, putting your child to bed can sometimes seem like an impossible task. Unfortunately this doesn't get any easier as your child begins to become more independent.

Ensuring your child has a set bedtime is the best start, as is ensuring they have the right environment in which to sleep. No-one wants to sleep on a bed that isn't right for them and doing so can leave you feeling exhausted and ill tempered. A medium to medium firm mattress provides the right support as your child grows, and helps to prevent stiffness from growing limbs.

What can we do to help?

Mattresses to solve every problem

To partner with our impressive beds we have a collection of superbly designed mattresses to handle the sleeping problems that children commonly experience. To achieve their optimum amount of ten to eleven hours of sleep a mattress that is suited to their specific needs is absolutely essential. For most children a medium to medium-firm mattress is best, able to support their growing bodies.

Our mattresses are ideal for children at every stage of their development, from toddler to teenager and have features that make life, and sleep, easier for all. Hypo-allergenic mattresses are featured in the range, as are dust mite resistant models and mattresses with removable and washable covers. All our children's mattresses come in medium and medium-firm comfort grades and we do recommend buying covers to prevent lasting marks from any accidents.

Mattresses for kids

Bed frames

Children of all ages are catered for with a choice of bed frames and mattresses that have been optimised to appeal. With child friendly and themed frames your child will be eager to jump into bed and the transition from cot to bed will be a smooth one.

With a wide collection of distinct styles and features there will definitely be a bed that your little one can't wait to get into. Choose from character themed designs complete with pull-out drawers and shelves with cup holders to avoid night-time spills, or tiered beds with handy desks and shelves. Versatile beds that are easily adjustable are best suited for growing children with changing requirements.

Bed frames for kids

Plenty of choice for kids

With our three easy steps to bed and mattress buying, your children will be sleeping soundly in no time. First, select the mattress suited to your child's needs and the under bed storage option that you require, then choose the perfect colour or design to get your child leaping under the covers.

With duvet sets featuring your child's favourite characters also available, there's a style to realise every child's desires at Dreams. Our kid's beds are the perfect fit, from the frame to the pillow.

Our collection for kids