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Did you know you spend roughly one third of your whole life asleep? Because sleep is such an essential part of your life, here at Dreams we want to help you get the best night's sleep possible. For a good night's sleep you'll need a mattress that's perfectly suited to you, your sleeping position and your pressure points. This bed and mattress buying guide will help you find the perfect mattress and consequently, have the best Dreams.

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Which mattress type is best for your sleeping position?

Choosing which mattress is best suited to you depends on your sleeping position. Discover the most comfortable mattress for you.

The mattress size guide

Use our simple tool to compare mattress sizes and find your ideal size.

Compare mattress types

This helpful guide will show you the key differences between our popular mattress types and which type is best for you.

How to stop back pain when sleeping

Discover mattresses and pillows to help support your sleeping position and alleviate your back pain.

Memory foam mattress guide

Considering a memory foam mattress? Our most common questions are answered here.

Our top mattresses

Regardless of your preference, we're sure you'll find the best mattress to suit you. To give you a helping hand, we’ve put together a selection of our bestselling mattresses.

How to take care of your mattress

This guide looks at everything you need to consider, including when to replace your mattress, how to take care of your mattress, plus general maintenance tips to ensure it enables you to get a great night’s sleep for as long as possible.

Zip & link mattress buying guide

All you need to know about zip and link mattresses

What goes into our mattresses?

Here we explain the different mattress types and what core materials go into them.

How to clean a mattress

We run through why you should clean your mattress, how often and a step by step guide to clean your mattress.

How to care for your memory foam mattress

Memory foam mattresses cleverly mould around your body's contours to give you a comfortable and supported night’s sleep.

How to dispose of a mattress

At Dreams, we collect your old mattress directly from your home when we deliver your new one. Your mattress then goes on to be recycled at our own specialised bed and mattress recycling centre.

Replace Every 8

Over time, the place we go for a great night's sleep, can become the very thing that keeps us up at night. That's why, at Dreams, our experts recommend you replace your mattress every 8 years.

Mattress Finder

Try out our guided journey to your perfect mattresses by looking at sizes, comfort grades and compositions.

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