What are the different bed linen collections?

Your bedroom should be a comfortable, relaxing environment for you to escape to. Finding the right bed linen for you is key to the aesthetics and comfort of your bedroom.

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Our bed linen collections

Easy Care - from £4

Made from a blend of cotton and polyester fibres, polycotton dries quickly, retains its colour and size and needs minimal ironing. Our Easy Care range is practical and durable; polycotton is the perfect choice of bed linen for busy households. The Easy Care collection is available in white, cream and grey and includes pillowcases, duvet covers and fitted sheets.

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Anti-Allergy - from £4

Our Anti-Allergy collection has been specially treated to help combat allergens caused by dust mites. This technology remains active, wash after wash, meaning that it keeps products fresher for longer. The linen in this range is made from pure cotton with a 180 thread count for a crisp, natural feel. The Anti-Allergy collection is availabe in white, and includes pillowcases and fitted sheets.

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Brushed cotton rich - from £12

Gently brushed until it reaches the softest and fluffiest finish and made from 65% cotton and 35% polyester, with a 200 thread count, our collection is breathable and lightweight suitable for use all year round thanks to its tight weave and cosy soft feeling. Minimal ironing is required. The Brushed Cotton Rich collection is available in white and grey, and includes pillowcases, fitted sheets and duvet covers.

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Cooling - from £14

Specially designed to quickly wick moisture away from your skin is made from Lyocell which is derived from eucalyptus trees, making it naturally cool and breathable, the fabric helps regulate your body temperature for a cool, comfortable night's sleep. The 200 thread count fibres are very fine and smooth, making this material feel breathable and beautifully luxurious. The Cooling collection is available in white and grey, and includes pillowcases and fitted sheets.

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Luxurious 400 thread count - from £16

Exquisite quality, understated and stylish, our 400 thread count cotton collection is a true investment for a great night's sleep. This beautiful sateen bed linen with pin tuck detailing is gorgeously smooth, crisp and cool against your skin. It launders beautifully and is very long-lasting. The luxurious 400 thread count collection is available in white, cream and grey, and includes pillowcases, duvet covers, valances and fitted and flat sheets.

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What does thread count mean?

Quite simply, thread count is the number of threads per square inch of fabric. It tells you how closely woven the fabric is. Generally, the higher the thread count the softer and smoother the piece of bed linen will feel.

However, the feel and quality of bed linen is based on much more than just the thread count. Fine, high quality thread is hugely important when it comes to creating duvet covers, pillowcases and sheeting that feel luxurious against the skin. We use exceptional quality cotton in all of our bed linen to ensure the thread count is used to its greatest potential.

Caring for your bed linen

When you wash your bed linen, we recommend that you split all light and dark linen to avoid discolouration. For specific washing instructions it's best to check the product care label. You'll find exact information on the correct temperature to wash at, the spin cycle to use and whether your item can be tumble dried. To maintain the colour use detergents without bleaching agents as this will affect the colour and could damage the fibres.

After washing your linen. for best results, iron them slightly damp with a steam iron. This will especially help you get crisp sheets with linen that has a higher thread count.