Sleep Sounds

All through the working day (or the weekend day if you’re busy enough) the mind can be overloaded with information and the body can work too hard. With meetings, school runs, appointments and not to mention all the skills you need to learn if at college or university, bedtime should be seen as a blissful retreat; a reward for a good shift put in.

Except that it can sometimes be very difficult just to relax enough to get some proper sleep. With your mind racing from the hectic day, you need to set some time aside just to try and clear your head before you can properly get your head down.

Having something to focus on at bedtime could be very useful in helping you achieve this and, rather than watching TV in bed or reading a book, some soothing sounds could be just what you need.

There are many relaxation CDs available online and in the shops; you can also download the tracks to play through headphones or with the speakers turned way down. Whether it’s just soothing music played with zen-like calm and beauty, or even a calming voice walking you through a meadow on a warm summer’s day, relaxation CDs can be very effective in helping the mind to drift off and relax, allowing the quick onset of sleep before you even know it.

Another alternative could come from your alarm clock radio; simply set your radio to something gentle. The mellow nature of classical music means it can have a very relaxing effect on the mind, and listening for a little while could be just what you need.

Another alternative could be those sound machines; created specifically to aid the onset of sleep. Programmed with a range of relaxing sounds such as ‘rainforest’ and ‘babbling brook’ or even just set to ‘white noise’, these soothing sounds can take your mind away from it all – whether it’s the stress and strain of a long day at work or even the noisy neighbours!

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