Celebrity Big Brother starts tonight!

If you’ve been spending the Christmas holiday at the mercy of the rest of the family’s TV choices – subjected to endless Doctor Who specials and sitcom repeats – then tonight’s your chance to take revenge! Switch onto Channel 5 and hide the remote, because Celebrity Big Brother is back!

Dreams is proud to announce its sponsorship of the world’s biggest reality game show as it returns for a special series. Celebrity Big Brother is gearing up for its eleventh series since its initial run in 2001. Back then the format had taken the country by storm and, just months after Craig Phillips won the first series proper, six celebrities entered the legendary Big Brother House to try their hand at close quarters, watched by cameras twenty-four hours a day as they struggled through fiendish tasks to raise money for worthy causes.

Since then the programme has gone from strength to strength, and – despite some controversy along the way – has consistently provided viewers with un-missable reasons to tune in. Who could forget the first ever non-celebrity in the Celebrity Big Brother house? Chantelle had to fool the other housemates into thinking she was a pop star; not only did she carry this off with a dazzle but she actually won the whole thing that year! As you can see from the press clipping above, Chantelle loves to shop at Dreams – she’s always been our favourite celebrity housemate!

Or Kerry Katona, The Diva? Although she did well when asking three different housemates “do you know who I am?” or demanding to switch beds with others; all this was done as part of a secret task!

This year our famous housemates will be faced with the most chilling prospect ever to come from Big Brother; while half the house will be sipping wine and eating fine food, the others will be forced to slum it in the Big Brother basement; watching their rivals living in luxury while they are forced to get by on the bare essentials!

So only one question remains: who’s in the House? Unfortunately our lips are sealed, but one thing’s for sure: sparks are going to fly when Celebrity Big Brother, sponsored by Britain’s favourite bed retailer Dreams, starts tonight live on Channel 5!

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