Tips on how to avoid waking your partner up when you don’t have the same waking time

Sharing a life with someone isn’t always easy. Sacrifices have to be made to make it work – and sleep is no exception. Couples don’t always have the same waking time and it is important to respect each other by making the least noise possible. Just because you have to get up while your partner can stay in bed doesn’t mean you can wake the whole house up!

If your partner is sensitive to alarms and wakes up every time yours rings, then try not to use one! There are many devices to help you out. Vibrating watches are ideal. You wear them like watches, and the alarm will vibrate on your wrist and wake you up without bothering your other half.

Once awake, you need to leave the room without switching on the light. In a way it is good for you as well as your eyes won’t be hurt by the light when they aren’t necessarily ready for it – you need to help them getting used to the light gradually. Then all you have to do is avoid kicking in the bed or any obstacles on the floor!

Prepare your clothes the night before and store them in the bathroom. As soon as you leave the bedroom, you are almost free to make all the noise you want. However, consider drying your hair before going to bed. It would be a waste to do everything you do to not wake your partner and then start blow drying your hair! Instead, wash your hair in the evening. If you really need to have a shower to wake you up in the morning, you can, as long as you don’t have to dry your hair afterwards.

You might like having a fresh orange juice in the morning. It is really good for health but you have to face it, if the bedroom is close to the kitchen, the noise of the fruit mixer will awake your partner. So keep that habit for the weekend unless you have a machine that can work without making any noise, or simply buy juice from a carton!

Having a different time to wake up than your partner is really hard. Yes, there is no rush in the bathroom but you have to be extra careful. If your partner wakes up later, it might be because he/she is working later in the evening, so let’s hope he/she has the same consideration when you are asleep. Sometimes, living on your own is much better, but if you’re stuck with someone, you might want to try these simple steps!

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