The most extreme places to sleep

Ever fancied a challenge? Well check out our top picks on extreme places to sleep, and see if you fancy picking up the mantle!

1)      The Sahara Desert

This is the most attainable “extreme place to sleep” – and a truly unforgettable experience.  Many package companies run overnight tours to the Sahara from the popular Tunisian and Moroccan tourist resorts.

Due to the recent unrest in north Africa, it’s even more important than ever to take a guided tour (even if you think you have the survival skills of Bear Grylls). Tours vary from trekking, mountain biking, 4×4 expeditions, camel trekking and customised luxury tours of the Sahara and Atlas mountains.

2)      Underwater

The complete opposite of the driest part of earth! You would be surprised to find out that there are actually quite a few choices for sleeping underwater that mean you signing up to join the Navy.  In Key Largo, Florida, you will find the Jules’ Undersea Lodge, which can be reached by scuba diving.  Before you snuggle up into your underwater beds at night, you will be treated to gourmet dinners served by a “Mer chef”

3)      At high altitude

If you’re high up in the Andes suffering with altitude sickness, what you need is room service to bring you the local cure-all (steeped coca leaves) as you lie back and enjoy the stunning birds eye views.  This is what would happen if you stayed at the Machu Picchu Sanctuary Lodge in Peru, one of the world’s most celebrated high altitude hotels.

Or for even more of a buzz, how about the Whare Kea Chalet in New Zealand, which can only be accessed by a helicopter!?

4)      The world’s tallest hotel

By the time this article has been published it might already be out of date, because there is a battle among developers to constantly upstage one another.  The tallest hotel in the world is currently the Abraj Al Bait Hotel Tower in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.  This five star hotel has 120 floors and stands 601 m or 1,972 ft tall.

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