Studying in the bedroom

With the kids back to school at last (hooray) you might think the battles are over. But instead of wrestling with trying to find things for them to do in the daytime, you’ll now have to handle the problems of earlier bedtimes, homework, and much more.

Getting kids to do their homework has never been easy, but there are some simple ways that you can encourage them. Instead of using the kitchen table or sitting in front of the television, creating a specific space in which they do homework – and nothing else – will help them to concentrate. The perfect place to do this is in a part of their bedroom; away from distractions of siblings and entertainment, they can focus on those maths problems without feeling like someone is staring over their shoulder.

Our range of children’s beds with built in desk space is the perfect place to start for those of us with smaller bedrooms; tucking the desk under a mid or high sleeper bunk bed saves space and creates a cosy work area for your kids. Depending on the age of the child, you might want to opt for a high bunk bed or something a little lower, plus there’s a range of storage and desk options on offer too.

The Hampshire Children’s Bed in a neutral beech finish is a mid-sleeper with plenty of space for work and play. A swing out desk with chair and ladder that tuck away help to save space, while the solid construction means it’ll last them for many years. Or how about the Kinder Midsleeper White Wash? With a pull-out desk, drawers and spacious bookshelf, it’s the ideal bed for a slightly older child.

Bunk beds, or high sleepers, are very useful for bedrooms where space is at a premium, as extra storage like drawers can be added underneath the regular desk space. In the case of the Lucy Highsleeper, the under-bed space includes two desk areas, shelving, a book ledge, mirror and even a walk-in wardrobe: perfect for creating a cosy, personal space for your daughter to work in. The Kinder Highsleeper in Natural – Blue Denim is ideal for those children who enjoy having a sleepover, while still providing plenty of workspace for their homework. We also really like the Calgary Highsleeper, a unisex bed with a contemporary metal frame, which also includes desk space with slide out keyboard shelf making it ideal for teenagers.

Providing children with their own personal workspace can help them feel more independent and grown-up, making it more likely that they will do their homework without you having to nag them. Why not try one of our children’s beds with inbuilt desk space and see the effect?

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