Psychic dreams

Most people have experienced déjà vu – the feeling you have seen something, met someone or been somewhere before. Some attribute the vague feeling of familiarity to a situation or place that their dreams eventually take them, suggesting they have dreamed the future.  Psychic dreaming has yet to be consistently proved and many of the general population believe it hokum, but does anyone really have a sixth sense?

Precognitive dreams, or those which appear to predict the future, are explained by various scientists as coincidence or messages from our subconscious.  We rarely remember our dreams as solid stories; usually waking up with a vague idea of what just happened. When this happens we are free to interpret dreams as we wish.

Jenny had a dream in which she was maid of honour at her best friend’s wedding and was forced to wear a tiny pink dress with biker boots for the day. It was one that she remembered – and not as a pleasant experience. Jenny then found out 2 months later that her best friend is getting married and would like her to be the maid of honour. She forgets about having to wear a tiny pink dress and biker boots in the dream, and tells her friend she had a dream in which she was her maid of honour 2 months ago. Jenny would say this was a psychic dream.

It isn’t, and it can be explained by two reasons: coincidence and subconscious.
Jenny’s dream was interpreted by the link of her friend’s news and the general theme of her dream – being the maid of honour. At the time Jenny didn’t enjoy the dream because it wasn’t an enjoyable experience wearing a tiny dress and biker boots, but all of this was forgotten once her friend announced the engagement. This is coincidence.
Alternatively Jenny may have registered a change subconsciously in her friend’s partner’s behaviour. As this continued and the couple became closer Jenny’s brain created a situation based on the subtle changes which informed her dream. This is subconscious.

Dreams can be enjoyable, scary, informative and crazy – all part of the amazing skills of the human brain. Until definitive, consistent proof is offered though, we can’t accept that dreams are psychic. Otherwise why has no one predicted the lottery numbers or stopped a tragedy from happening?

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