Olympic beds for Basketball players

Soon the Olympics will be in London. So many years we’ve been waiting for this event to come and here it is, almost at hand! At Dreams HQ we can’t wait -so many different athletes and sporting events will soon be descending on the big smoke. From basketball to rowing, all the teams will be in the UK in June to try to get the golden medal for their country.

There’s no denying that athletes will need lots of sleep to face the competition and be ready to make the most of it. One thing for sure is that not all the athletes will have the same needs. For example, do you think that basketball players will be able to sleep in 6 feet beds?

Over the years there were some incredible players who needed to have their bed designed especially for them. The tallest basketball player was Lybian. Suleiman Ali Nashnush was one of the tallest players with more than 8 feet tall. Chinese player Yao Ming sold his bed after the Summer Olympic Games of Beijing. Being 7 feet 6 inches tall, we can guess that this bed was made on demand just for the Games.

Turkish hotels even ordered hundreds of plus-sized beds for basketball players competing for the World Championships during a weekend in 2010. We wonder what they are doing now with all those extra-long beds!

Knowing that on average, male basketball players are above 6 feet 6 inches, it will be a real hassle to get beds that will fit their heights. Super king beds are not big enough. Luckily Emperor Beds are 7 feet long so they should do the trick.

If you live with a basketball player and wonder what you need to purchase so that he doesn’t have his feet sticking out of the bed frame, choose emperor beds like Messina Bedstead or Venice Faux Leather Bedstead. On top of being big enough, they are comfortable, classy and modern. Basketball players will sleep like a baby in them, if you choose the right mattress.

With a good night’s sleep during London Olympics, basketball players will have all their chances to hit the podium. Incredible matches to come soon, and we can’t wait!

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