My Sleep Habits

I love sleeping; I am not the kind of person to jump out of bed in the morning, I’d rather stick my head back under the duvet and snooze for a few more hours.

When it’s a work day though, I never, ever hit the snooze button – if I do, I’ll never be ready on time! At the weekend, my alarm gets switched off and I’ll usually end up sleeping in until at least 10am – especially if I’ve had a few Friday glasses of wine the night before.

During the working week I’m mostly a creature of habit, I try to get to bed fairly early as I get a bit grouchy if I don’t get around 8 hours of sleep. I don’t have a TV in my room, as I find it really distracting if I’m watching something right before I go to sleep – I end up having dreams about car chases or aliens, or whatever it is that I’ve been watching.

Reading on the other hand is a completely different kettle of fish – it relaxes me and I’ll usually read for half an hour before going to sleep. When I can’t focus on the words anymore, or I’ve read the same page twice, that’s when I know it’s time to sleep.

I live in a big Victorian terrace and my bedroom is in the roof, which means it’s pretty chilly and pretty draughty sometimes. I have quite a heavy duvet on my bed; it’s synthetic because I can’t stand the feeling of down duvets but it’s very soft – as my cats will happily tell you, since they like to come and sleep on my feet when I’m under it!

I usually sleep on my front with one leg and one arm up – a bit like a very strange starfish. My partner tells me I’m a bit of a bed hog – not only do I sometimes steal the bed, but sometimes I steal the duvet too and I tend to shuffle around a lot during the night, especially if I am too hot. Probably not the best bed partner in the world!

At the weekend, even though I like to have a lie-in, I can’t stay in bed too long, otherwise I feel like I’ve wasted the day – the best cure for this is to get out of bed, strip the bedding and put it in the wash – that way, there’s no going back to bed!

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