Lighting your bedroom for Autumn

Sooner than you think we’ll be in the midst of a season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, not to mention blustery winds, rain and even snow. We’ve already looked at how to make your bedroom cosier and warmer for autumn, but what about lighting? As nights are drawing in, making the lighting in your bedroom and house welcoming and warming is increasingly important.

A surprisingly high number of individuals suffer from seasonal affective disorder, also known as SAD. Many of us feel low or less motivated during autumn and winter, but SAD sufferers often find themselves prone to listlessness, loss of appetite, and other symptoms that would normally be found in someone who suffered from depression. For these people, having the right lighting in their homes during the latter half of the year is incredibly important, as it will help avoid these feelings. For the rest of us, the right lighting can help stave off those wintery blues.

If you suffer from SAD, or even if your mood feels particularly affected by seasonal changes, consider investing in a daylight lamp. This type of lighting gives off a high level of UV rays – similar to those found in sunlight – and mimics the type of light you would receive in the daytime, helping to battle the effects of SAD. However, these types of light can be quite harsh and bright, which isn’t always what you want on an autumnal evening.

Soft, warm lighting makes any room seem cosier, as does a profusion of lamps and smaller light sources, rather than one single spotlight. Opt for numerous lamps and softer light sources like candles and fairy lights in your room during autumn; make it easier to turn them all on by using extension cords so you only have to flick one switch! If you already have a number of free-standing lamps, then swap the bulbs down to lower wattage ones for autumn. This creates a more subdued effect, helping to avoid a harsh contrast between the dark mornings outside and a blindingly brilliant light indoors! Rosy-hued lampshades also help to create a warming effect, and are an inexpensive way to update your bedroom.

As with any light source that uses a naked flame, or even with fairy lights that can get very hot, it’s important to be aware of any fire or safety hazards. Make sure you turn off any light sources when you leave the room for an extended period of time, especially if you are leaving the house, and never leave a candle burning unattended.

What are your favourite ways to create a cosy atmosphere in your bedroom for autumn?

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