Kindle versus Books before sleep

In support of books

There’s nothing like curling up with a really good book, a real compulsive page turner, especially on a cold winter’s evening when you can snuggle down into the duvet.


It’s like an instant nostalgia hit, even more so  if re-visiting an old favourite, even maybe a book that was first read in childhood – my copy of “Watership Down” is very well-thumbed…

When I last moved, easily the most tedious part was lugging the endless boxes of books that follow me around wherever I live.  Even after being relatively strict with myself and taking all the “third one bought to make up a 3-for-2 deal” books and the largely unread, unappreciated Christmas presents, there were still enough books to overfill two large bookcases.  Yes, it was at this point that I wished all my reading material was saved on my light, tiny, convenient Kindle.

But all the same, I will still defend books:  I love going up to my bookcase and looking over the familiar titles, deciding what to read next.  They are old friends now.

Also people sometimes say, ah well, if you get a Kindle you will broaden your mind and read all sorts of books you’ve never got round to reading before.  I have downloaded the collected works of Charles Dickens and the full library of Sherlock Holmes stories, but they remain unread. And recent polls show that most people are using their e-readers to read less than intellectual works. Kindles are storing our guilty pleasures!

There are also practical reasons for having piles of books by side of the bed – my bedside light sits on a stack of books (saving me having to buy a bedside table), while my poor Kindle sits (relatively) un-loved and usually un-charged somewhere in the pile. So, all-in-all, books win out for me…


In support of Kindle

I’ll be the first to admit the idea of using an e-reader horrified me when they were first launched. “Books are lovely to hold and keep forever” you’d hear me cry, in defence against joining the tech revolution unfolding in front of my eyes. After many evenings of umm’ing and ahh’ing about whether I wanted a Kindle every time THAT advert came on TV, my other half took the decision out of my hands and one arrived in the post on my birthday.

It was love at first sight. It has impressive electronic ink that enables you to read it in bright sunshine or just in bed with a night light, without straining your eyes like reading a computer screen or mobile phone would. That also means there are no bright lights to keep your brain awake at that time of day, I don’t think a night has gone by since I got my Kindle that I haven’t read it until I fall asleep!

I don’t need to impress you with its vital statistics about how many books it can hold, the free 3G service meaning you can download books from anywhere in the world, for no extra cost, and the often half price of electronic books, compared to print.

The one thing that surprised me was how much more comfortable it was to hold and read from. With a print book, you need to hold the pages open and when lying on your side this can get tricky, especially with those hard back John Grisham novels you just have to finish to find out ‘who dunnit’! The Kindle operates using simple page turning buttons, so it’s easy to prop it up in bed.  You’ll never lose your page again. Kindles 4 Ever.

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