How many pillows should you sleep on?

The answer to this question will depend on your bedroom habits (calm down, we don’t mean like that) and how high quality your pillows are.  Everyone has preferences and some of us have neck ache from making the wrong choice.  Let’s look at the different options:

One pillow on your bed

If this is your preference, we are willing to bet that you don’t like to read in bed, because reading in bed with just one pillow for support is very uncomfortable (unless you have the knack of sleeping lying down on your side, in which case, we bet you read on a Kindle or other e-reader.  Are you impressed by our Sherlock Holmes levels of deduction?).

Sleeping with just one pillow is sensible if you have suffered with any neck or joint pain – this will keep you more aligned than if you have a build-up of pillows stretching your neck.

Maybe you’re a memory foam convert?  If so, you will only have one pillow, one that is moulded to your shape.

Two pillows on your bed

This is the classic choice, beloved by people all over the country (and begrudgingly acknowledged by cost-cutting hotels and B&Bs…)

To make sure your pillows aren’t too full, it’s a good idea to combine two different types – try a plump hollow fibre underneath a soft and squishy feather pillow for a great level of comfort.

More than two pillows on your bed

Seriously?  Actually, this author has three pillows on her bed…and there is some logic here.  If you read a lot in bed, three pillows create really good back support, you can use one of the pillows specifically to bolster your lower back.  Then, when it’s time to sleep (here’s the ingenious bit) leave one of the pillows side up against headboard and lay your head on the other two.  If you change which two out of the three pillows you sleep on each night, then you get more wear out of them!

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