Which are the best kids’ beds? Bunk Beds versus Cabin Beds

Your kids are growing fast and you already need to change their bed. So where do you start? There are lots of things to take into account. First, let’s consider how many children you have and how much space you have in the home.  If you have several children and not enough space, then bunk beds might be the best option for you.

Bunk beds equal more space to play! Kids love bunk beds for the reason that they enable them to create their own imaginary worlds and devise new games. And parents win as well, because the bedroom immediately doubles up as a playroom – two for the price of one.  On top of this, if you shop carefully you can get a real bargain, especially if you consider it against the cost of buying two separate beds.

You might be initially worried about the height, thinking that your kids could fall or hurt themselves when your back is turned, so this is probably more of an option for slightly older children who can understand when you warn them about playing safely.

We also recommend that before buying bunk beds you should check if there is 7.5cm of space between the mattress and the frame. That way, your kid won’t be able to slip under the barrier and hurt themself.

Another aspect to check is the strength of the installation of the mattress. Make sure the slats are well fixed. Also, if you can do this, fix the bunk beds to the wall. The structure won’t move, even if your kids find a new game: discovering that it is fun to shake the bed!

Cabin beds, just like bunk beds are a space saving solution. They have a lot of storage space where your kids will be able to put away their toys and sometimes they also have a desk, which is brilliant for children who have started school.

Cabin beds are really useful. Your child will grow up and evolve in a room that’s suitable for both young kids and teenagers. Young teenagers particularly love cabin beds, get ready for them inviting their mates over for sleepovers.

Having more space and a compact bed is really cool. What’s more, if you buy a cabin bed then, you don’t have to buy anything else to furnish the room. So on top of saving space, you will also save money.

Choosing a bed is an investment for life, so be sure to choose the perfect one for your kids. They will thank you!


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