Top 5 free apps to fall asleep

With today’s technology, we don’t have any excuse for not sleeping well. You may remember we here on the Sleep Talk blog already wrote about the Sleep Cycle App, but there are other ones you can try, and best yet, some of them are free!

Music Therapy for Sound Sleep
This app uses sounds of nature and calm music to help you fall asleep quickly. And you can choose whether you want to mix the music with the nature sounds, and personalise your bedtime ritual. Reviews on that android app are unanimous and claim that it really works. Have a go and let us know.

Restful sleep Deluxe
This app allows you to enjoy a good, relaxing night sleep. Using hypnosis key tone, this app will help you fall asleep quickly and have a restful sleep. On top of that it has an alarm clock function to wake you up after a great night. There is also a paid version but you can try it for free. Have you tried it?

Sleep Dream Relax
This app is not only to be used to go to bed, but also when you read or study. It is said that all the sounds displayed by this app are completely real and not artificial. When relaxed, your blood pressure will be lower and your heart rate will be slower which also increase concentration and reduce migraines.

Sleep Music
Sleep Music is one of the most famous apps for sleep. You can choose the songs you want from your iTunes library and decide how long you want to listen to this playlist and the volume will reduce and you can go smoothly in the dreams land.

Deep Sleep
This app claims to make you fall asleep in 15 minutes. Thanks to the various noises it makes, you relax quickly and therefore it takes you less time to fall asleep. All you need to do is choose the type of noise you want to listen to and for how long, close your eyes and start dreaming.

Have you ever used your phone to go to sleep? Would you? Let us know what you think of these free apps and, of course, enjoy your night!

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  1. Dan said:

    I use Sleep Bug to help me fall in sleep. Its really nice and I love the dreams and music box scene.
    I use the music box scene when I put my 2 year old to sleep :)

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