Tips for getting babies to sleep

Baby has trouble getting to sleep and you don’t know what to do to help. You feel helpless and you wonder how you will be able to cope with it any longer. Don’t panic, we have the solution. There are a few simple tricks to help you out.

Rituals to help baby to get to sleep

Babies need rituals, routine in their life. They are the first sign of boundaries. By imposing sleeping rituals, you will tell your baby that bed time is here. The atmosphere has to be calm.

Talk to him or, or maybe sing a lullaby, a hug and kisses and off to bed – doing the same thing each night. You can leave a night lamp on if necessary (dislike of the dark is very common). Even if baby cries after these rituals, try not to come back too quickly, it’s difficult but count to 30 before going back to them. They will learn and understand that you are here even if you are not close to their bed. For naps, try to impose regular times. Usually, when around 6 months old, a baby needs 3 naps a day: one in the morning, one after lunch and one at the end of the afternoon. You need to organise baby’s day around these naptimes. The baby will soon understand that this is time for them to sleep. Put them in their bed and not in the baby chair and watch them drift off to sleep easily.

Notice signs of tiredness

First of all, you have to know when your baby seems tired and needs to sleep. When the baby yawns, or cries, or rubs their little eyes, this isn’t just grumpiness; it’s usually the sign that naptime needs to come soon.

Respect your baby’s own pace

Just like adults, some babies like to go to bed early and others want to stay awake all night. It is useless to fight it: if your baby isn’t tired, they won’t get to sleep, no matter how hard you try. Don’t forget the rituals: you might be feeling stressed or annoyed, but try not to show it; stay calm, use the relaxation techniques and try to avoid tensions and agitations.

Don’t forget baby’s blanky

A blanky (a security blanket) is essential for baby. It is like a friend to them, something that reminds them of their mother. It is not just an object for baby, it is reassuring. A reassured baby is a baby that will fall asleep more easily!

Watch the temperature of the room

The temperature of baby’s room shouldn’t be too warm or too cold. It is said that 18°c or 19°c is the ideal temperature for a good sleep. Don’t forget to use an air humidifier. If the air is too dry, the baby will get thirsty, making them wake up.

Good bedding

Here is one important thing. Ensure that your baby has very healthy bedding. Try not to take an old mattress that another baby already used. It will be shaped to this baby’s body and sleeping habits. As every baby has his own way of sleeping, and different habits, an old bed won’t suit your baby. Consider buying a new one. If possible prefer an anti-dust mite and hypoallergenic mattress.

We hope these tips help – have you got any to share?

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