Think pink!

Pink, the colour of choice for Barbie, sugary sweets and Katie Price, has long been associated with the girliest girls. Pink is a versatile colour which can range from bright, neon magentas and fuchsias, to subtle, dusty almond pinks and ‘cotton candy’ tones. It echoes sentiments of love, passion and glamour, and almost every woman will have her favourite.

Using pink in a bedroom can bring a touch of allure, of serenity or of cuteness depending on which tone you pick. It’s a popular choice amongst young girls but is increasingly the colour favoured by women (and some men) of all ages. So why not inject some pink into your bedroom?

Statement beds will add a striking dash of glitz and glamour to any bedroom. It’s not a bed for the fainthearted – the mix of faux-leather with the large, fuchsia headboard makes this bed unforgettable. Its affordable price tag means you can enjoy a Hollywood sleep at a fraction of the cost.

If a striking pink isn’t your style, there are frames available in different, more subtle versions. The Avignon bedstead and the Marseille bedstead both offer dusty, off-pink elegance. These beds wouldn’t look out of place in a Parisian ‘appartement’ with dainty, window shutter-esque panelling and creamy, just-there pink coloured wood.

You don’t have to have an entirely pink bed to inject a girly touch into your bedroom. You could opt for a contemporary headboard, such as the Lucca headboard in purple and aubergine, or aubergine and black. These are a great choice if the other half doesn’t want their sleeping space invaded by all things pink! There’s also plain headboards available, which come covered in a smooth velour fabric – which is the perfect combination with this colour.

Bedding and bedroom accessories are another way of adding a Barbie touch to your bedroom, particularly if you aren’t looking to replace your bed or headboard. This Celeste duvet set, with its dainty pink flower pattern is the quintessential choice for girls who like all things pretty. If you’re feeling more adventurous, why not go wild with these hot pink, Egyptian cotton pillowcases, and add some rock and roll drama to your bed!?

Of course, it’s the kids who get the best choice in all things pink. Little girls are usually obsessed with the colour, and want nothing more than to play princess in a pink castle bedroom of their own. If you’ve your own little princess, you could choose to spoil her with a cute, jasmine pink metal bedstead or headboard.

For the full castle experience you could even try a pink tent bunk bed. These allow your child to sleep on the top bunk (at the top of the castle, if you prefer) and leave the underneath free to play and rule over the subjects of one’s kingdom. This option is perfect if you’ve a space starved princess, as it frees up as much floor space as possible, and makes more room for storing wands, dresses, and a plethora of other pink paraphernalia.

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