Take calcium for a good night’s sleep

Did you know that calcium helps you to sleep? A naturopath (that means a practitioner in alternative medicine), author and broadcaster Jan de Vries told the Galway Advertiser in Ireland that this indeed is the case.  He has specifically claimed that consuming the optimum amount of calcium is actually one of the best ways to ensure a good night’s sleep.

He told the newspaper, “Drinking a cup of hot milk at bedtime to help you get to sleep has been recommended for years. We now know it’s the tryptophan, an amino acid, in milk that does the trick. When tryptophan-rich foods cross the blood-brain barrier it makes agents in the brain perform like a natural tranquilliser.”

So there you have it; just as you’re plumping your pillows and getting comfy for the night, get your warm milk ready.

Although it is a natural tranquiliser, calcium is often found to be lacking in many people’s diets, especially older people. Avoiding caffeinated drinks that act as stimulants, such as coffee, tea and cola in the evening is important for good sleep, herbal teas are much better for you.

We spend around as much as third of our lives asleep but still too many of us complain about not getting enough rest. Women are more likely to suffer from sleepless nights than males and the age group that is most severely affected is the 25 to 34 band.

Lack of sleep can lead to irritability, tension, inefficiency and even, all too frequently accidents on the road and at work.

A recent article in Portsmouth newspaper, The News, suggested people who struggle to get a good night of slumber should avoid eating a big meal just before hitting the sack.

Also, research indicates that people who get adequate natural daylight tend to sleep better at night. Experts say natural light can be up to 30 times more intense than the brightest artificial light and our biological clocks need daylight to trigger the melatonin which helps us sleep.

Other tips for getting a good night sleep include not sleeping on an uncomfortable bed with a poor mattress or inadequate blankets. Make sure your bedroom is not too bright, noisy, hot, cold, stuffy or cluttered. The atmosphere should always be conducive to relaxation and sleep.

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