Small Bedroom: Which Beds Work Best?

If you’re short of space in your bedroom there are some handy tips and tricks to help make the room feel larger, but you will still have room for everything you need for a good night’s rest.

If the room would just fit a double bed at a squeeze and nothing else, opt for a more manageable single bed and enjoy more space and easier access to your things. Metal bedframes will give the illusion of more space and will give you the option of some handy storage space in your bedroom.

Metal Bed Frames, great for small spaces

Keeping the colours light and bright you could go for a painted wooden frame as an alternative. This would also fit in better with a more country style theme to your decor. Think creams and soothing green colours to give the illusion of space.

A bed that is low to the floor will also help the ceiling seem taller; this style is popular in China and has been adopted by those who love the minimalist style of interior decoration.

Make sure the foot of the bed, in whatever style you choose, doesn’t protrude past the mattress too much as this will restrict the amount of room you have to walk around the bed.

If you opt for a divan bed, because you can’t live without the storage, make sure you match it with a straight headboard, as these take up less room than curved ones.

Create a focal point above the bed using a large picture, photo or piece of art. Your eyes will be immediately drawn to the point above the bed and will distract from the lack of space.

A solution for small children’s room is the classic bunk bed. They come in all sorts of designs and colours, from the traditional one bed on top on another, to a single bed with a desk or tent underneath, ideal for homework and playtime.

What are your best bedroom space saving solutions?



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