My dream history – I travel in my dreams

As far back as I can remember, dreams have always been really important to me. I’ve always wanted to know what they mean or why I dreamt about a particular subject. And this has never changed.

As a child, I was scared of everything. Seeing something on TV would be enough for me to have nightmares or trouble going to sleep. Luckily, as I grew older, I managed to control those fears and my dreams went back to normal!

There’s a place I often end up dreaming about; it is a small village in the middle of nowhere where I used to spend my holidays as a child. I noticed that I always dream about this place in a period of really intense stress in my waking life. The scenario is always different but I always have a chat with people I care about telling me something like “everything is going to be fine”. It is no doubt a way my unconscious uses to reassure me, as this place is really peaceful and also full of good memories. I love having these dreams and they do make me feel better in the morning.

Recurring nightmares are less reassuring obviously! I am no different to everybody else: one of the nightmares I have the most is about being chased by someone I don’t know – in the dark of course, and sometimes I keep running without being able to move. Even if I manage not to get caught it is really disturbing as it seems so real and in the morning I always wonder if it was just a dream. But luckily, I’m in bed and safe!

When I was younger, it was monsters in my bedroom. In my dream, I was in bed awakened by a strange noise and as I tried to leave my bedroom, I could see the horrible monster in my closet. The problem with that kind of nightmare is that you don’t know whether you are sleeping or not as it started in my bed. I really had to switch on the light and pinch myself to be sure I wasn’t still in that horrible nightmare afterwards!

But hopefully it is not always about nightmares. My good dreams are mostly about travelling the world, going to places I have never been before and when I check some pictures on the Internet, some of them are really close to reality! It is unbelievable what our brain is capable of! As I love music, I also dream about it a lot. My dreams have a great soundtrack and most of the time I wake up with a song in my mind that I didn’t listen to before going to bed.

So this is mostly what my nights are filled with: monsters, being chased, a family place I often miss, travelling the world and gigging all night. I can’t wait to see what is going to happen tonight…

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