Dream themes: Teeth falling out

There are plenty of dreams that have been reported by different people all over the world, but things can seem a little spooky when they start talking about the same dream themes! One of the most common themes of dreams is one where the dreamer believes their teeth have fallen out: it’s pretty bizarre, but just what does it mean?

Teeth falling out, breaking, crumbling or growing crookedly all fall under a similar type of dream and because of the unusual nature of the dream, many people remember it upon awakening.

One theory suggests that dreaming about losing your teeth is reflective of your insecurities about your physical looks in waking life, and your worries about how others see you. After all, your teeth play a large part in physical attraction – you are more likely to be attracted to someone with a nice smile, rather than someone who has crooked or missing teeth. Therefore it is thought that dreaming about teeth represents a fear of rejection or a fear of getting older. Some research has even suggested that women who are going through the menopause report higher levels of dreaming about their teeth.

Another theory suggests that you may fear embarrassment in your everyday life and the dream about your teeth falling out or rotting represents your worries and may reflect feelings of helplessness.

We use our teeth to eat, chew and, historically, to ward off predators or threats – so they are a symbol of power. Some theories suggest that dreaming of your teeth falling out or crumbling symbolises a loss of power in your current life. Have you been overruled at work, passed over for promotion or perhaps your relationship is only a one sided affair? If you feel that your voice is not being heard and are increasingly frustrated by feelings of powerlessness, this can seep through into your dreams.

A spiritual interpretation of this dream theme is that you are listening to what mankind has to say, rather than the teachings of God, while in Greek culture missing or loose teeth have been said to indicate that a member of your family or a close friend is very ill. Meanwhile, the Chinese say that dreaming of losing your teeth is a sign that you are telling lies in your waking life.

Of course there are positive interpretations too: remember how your parents used to leave you money underneath your pillow when your teeth fell out? Well, this is related to the story of the tooth fairy, suggesting that losing your teeth signifies good luck, and even prosperity.

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  1. jason said:

    i have alot of dreams about, having adventures for instantance last night i dreamt what i went to a zoo, i believe it was in china somwhere, and a panda kept prodding me with a stick….at first i laughed it off, then the panda kept poking me harder and harder untill i eventually cracked…..climbing over the 9ft steel bars into the pandas cage when i began to shout at it.
    the panda when to woosh me on the head with his bamboo stick, fortunatly for me i ducked, grab hold of his stick and began to poke the panda with it.
    my girlfriend said i was giggling in my sleep and shouts hi-ya to the panda.

    my girlfriend asked me what my dream was about, and we both endded up giggling away, then slowly began to fall back into sleep.
    i must admit as i was drifting to sleep, i thought the panda might be under my bed waiting for revendge haha, i cant wait to fall asleep and meet again.

    theres my crazy wonderful dream…thanks

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