Celebrities in our dreams, what does it mean?

We have all have dreamt about a celebrity at least once. No need to be ashamed, these people are part of our lives even if we don’t know them personally, well, most of the time anyway. But seeing them on covers of magazines, on TV or on stage, makes them part of our environment. Actors, singers, or football players have all found their way into our dreams and these people become symbolical when we sleep.

We all want to know what dreaming of Leonardo DiCaprio means, but we’re afraid to say that most of the time it doesn’t mean marriage is on the cards. Dreaming of a celebrity expresses emotional deprivation. The dreamer wants to be recognised by society or their friends and family and the only way the brain can highlight this fact is to use celebrities and fame.

An athlete represents the effort you have to put in to achieve your goal and it can also mean you will be rewarded in the near future for previous efforts. But if you see a boxer boxing in front of you, this means that you are in a conflict (either against yourself or others). A football player is the symbol of escaping reality. So ladies, next time you dream about David Beckham, try to remember this!

An actor is a person capable of incarnating characters, sometimes far away from his own personality. He hides and he plays, but as soon as the movie or the play is over, he becomes himself again. On different levels, dreaming about an actor has different meanings. If you talk to him in your dreams it is a warning: somebody wants to hurt you. If you just see him, somebody is looking for you! More generally, don’t think that because George Clooney offers you a cup of coffee means that you need more caffeine! In fact, dreaming about an actor reveals a lack of self-confidence. This kind of dream invites you to think of what you really are able to do in real life.

Have you dreamed about a singer? Well, that is a really good sign! Get ready for happy times ahead. Music is the best way to find peace in our minds and it is exactly the same when you dream about a singer or a musician. Having a conversation with him/her is even better, psychologically, than hearing the music of the artist.

Our brain has various ways to teach us who we are and what our needs are. Dreams are one of them. Don’t fight them, and try to understand what is really hiding inside of you.

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