Beauty sleep, myth or reality

Having a good night’s sleep is important in many ways. Of course, sleeping enables our body to rest and, usually, after a good night sleep, our batteries are recharged and ready to face the day. And if we feel good in our body then our minds will also be affected in a good way. But what else does sleep do?

For a beautiful skin, look for the deep and peaceful sleep
In fact, we don’t really care about our sleep as long as we don’t have a lack of it. Resting is not the only purpose of sleep. Instead of thinking that sleeping is a luxury and that you will be able to make up for your lack of sleep later, try to consider it as an essential nutrient. During the night, your body is healing and renews itself. One more reason to take it seriously.

Growth hormones are produced during sleep. It helps repair damaged cells, including those of the skin, hair and nails. When we don’t sleep enough, the body struggles to maintain its mental and physical shape. The visible signs of sleep deprivation are dark rings under the eyes, waxen skin, puffy eyes, dull hair and nails, lack of energy, a weakened immune system, depression, disturbed appetite and a decrease of libido. Lack of sleep can also create a stress hormone. This hormone causes skin ageing and shows unmistakable signs of exhaustion. You cannot show your best face if your batteries are empty!

A good night’s sleep is often called “beauty sleep” because it is one of the best secrets for beauty. And guess what? It’s free.  All the models and celebrities will tell you. You can always buy the latest cream or skin products but there’s nothing like a good night’s sleep. It is the most efficient product you can get. Now be sure to have everything you need to get the best sleep: comfortable mattresses and beds, relaxing atmosphere of the room, a good temperature. Read more about these topics on this blog!

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    How cumz i get l lodzza sleep but i still look butters?? :(

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