Did you know that we spend over a third of our lives in bed? That’s longer than we spend sitting on the sofa, sat in our favourite chair or in our cars. But we pay surprisingly little attention to the mattress that we will spend so much time lying on! A good mattress should support our bodies perfectly in the upmost comfort so we wake refreshed and ready to face the day. As we’re all different sleeping on the perfect mattress every night means selecting the correct one that suits your needs, this guide will help you do just that.

Size does matter

The first decision to make is the size of your mattress; generally most people tend to make a split decision over a single or a double. But we recommend making a few more considerations, for example a mattress should be a least 10 cm longer than the tallest person sleeping on it. You should also easily be able to put both your hands under your head without your elbows touching the edge of the mattress or the person sleeping next to you. You also need to be aware that a UK mattress size can often be different from a European one as the sizing ranges differ.

What is the perfect mattress size for you?

What size is a Toddler bed?

70 x 140 cm

A toddler sized mattress will be perfect for children aged between one and three and is a great starter for children ready to move out of their cots. Care should be taken to ensure that the mattress fits snugly in your child’s beds. Turning the mattress regularly will reduce wear and including a mattress protector will keep it dry, fresh and free of dust.

2'6 Small Single Bed Size

75 x 190 cm

A small single sized mattress is also a good consideration for toddlers and younger children, they will fit narrower children’s bed frames and guest beds. A small single mattress is also a great choice if space is an issue, and is a good option for a spare room as they are easily moved and are perfect for guest and visitors staying the night.

3'0 Single Bed Size

90 x 190 cm

A standard single mattress measures 3ft x 6’3”; 36” x 75” (90 x 190 cm). This size is great for people who sleep on their own and is a good longer term option for a child as it will last well into their teens. Single sized mattresses are also an option for larger spare rooms and guest bedrooms.

3'0 European Single Bed Size

90 x 200 cm

If you’ve brought a single bed from a European store such as IKEA you’ll probably have noticed that European sized beds are a little bit longer than UK ones. Don’t worry at Dreams we stock European sizes, so just measure your bed to make sure you know exactly what size you need.

4'0 Small Double Bed Size

120 x 190 cm

If you’re an average sized adult who doesn’t mind sleeping close to your partner or a single sleeper who likes plenty of sleeping space then a small double mattress is a great choice. A small double is also a good choice for couples whose bedroom isn’t particularly wide.

4'6 Double Bed Size

135 x 190 cm

A double mattress is the most popular mattress size for most bedrooms in the UK and is perfect for couples who share a bed. This size allows for a good amount of room so each person can get undisturbed night’s sleep. Dreams stock a huge range of double mattresses with a wide variety of materials and construction.

5'0 King Bed Size

150 x 200 cm

Great if you like plenty of sleeping room a king size mattress will mean you’ll be able to turn and move positions without disturbing your partner. If you or your partner are 190cm or taller we recommend a King. In the US this mattress is normally know as a “Queen” and Japan it’s referred to as a “Wide double”.

6'0 Super King Bed Size

180 x 200 cm

The very best in sleeping comfort – cuddling is fine, but we all like the option of stretching out when we want to! If you’re a family who all like to squeeze in together on Sunday mornings or just someone who likes a lot of space, a Super King is a great option.

Made to measure

Any size

So your bed doesn’t fit any of these mattress options? Maybe it’s bigger, smaller or a completely different shape? Well you’re in luck! Visit one of our stores or call us and we’ll help you get a made to measure mattress to fit your bed.