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There are many types of mattress types, fillings, construction and technologies – but they can all be grouped into five broad categories. These categories are open spring, pocket spring, memory foam, gel, and latex mattresses. Each has distinct benefits and careful consideration should be taken when selecting a mattress type. Price, comfort and support all come into play. Below we take you through the different types of mattresses available from Dreams.


Open spring mattresses have been in production for many years and are still a very popular option. They offer fantastic value for money and come in a range of different comfort levels, from orthopaedic through to softer grades. The majority of the support comes via metal coils that run through the width of the mattress. Some brands run the coils from head to foot, as opposed to side to side – which helps stop 'roll-together'. Open spring mattresses can be a very good choice for spare and guest bedrooms.

  • Fantastic value
  • Wide range of comfort grades
  • Soft and deep fillings
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A pocket spring mattress has springs that work independently, and provide support and cushioning to both you and your partner, whilst preventing you from rolling together and disturbing your sleep. The construction of a pocket spring mattress houses individual springs that are cushioned in their own pocket of material and filling. These springs are vertically positioned and distributed throughout the inside of the mattress, pushing against the sleeper’s body weight. Each spring will support your body on its own and won’t transfer it to another part of the bed.

  • Superb support and comfort
  • Prevents 'roll-together'
  • Huge range available
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A memory foam mattress will cleverly mould to the contours of your body to give you a peaceful and supportive night's sleep. The memory foam technology was originally developed by NASA and uses individual cells to hug your body shape for the highest comfort possible. The material is sensitive to body heat, so lying on its surface means that you get great support in any position. It is particularly useful for back problems, because its responsive surface maintains the spine in perfect alignment, leaving its natural curves relaxed. For the ultimate in sleep comfort, choose a memory foam mattress with cooling technology to keep your body at the perfect sleeping temperature throughout the night.

  • Ultimate comfort and support
  • Moulds to your body shape
  • Originally developed by NASA
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A gel mattress is made with a unique support layer that provides a softer but very durable feel. With its gel effect, the open cell structure moulds to your individual shape while ensuring that the foam does not get too hot or too cold. With a choice of solid gel mattresses or a mix of spring and gel layers; these mattresses are ideal for anyone looking for a medium firm, medium or medium soft, comfort graded mattress.

  • Made from ActiGel layers
  • Moulds to your body shape
  • Temperature regulating
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Like memory foam, latex mattresses do not have springs but are made with natural latex; which is derived from the sap of the rubber tree. A latex mattress is incredibly durable and will last for many years, making it fantastic value for money. They are very supportive and will mould to the shape of your body. A latex mattress is great for allergy sufferers as they are hypoallergenic and anti-microbial.

  • Made from natural Latex
  • Hypoallergenic and anti-microbial
  • Breathable and cool
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