Mattress Guide


A well cared for mattress can be expected to last for up to 10 years. To help you get the best from your new mattress we recommend purchasing a mattress topper or mattress protector. Not only will this increase the comfort of your mattress, it will also protect it from day-to-day spills. We also recommend turning your mattress on a regular basis to ensure your weight is evenly distributed through its lifetime; prolonging its longevity and your comfort. Read on to learn more about caring for your new mattress.


A mattress topper is a great way to increase the comfort and support of a mattress. It is a removable layer of material, often memory foam that is placed onto the mattress. Toppers are used to add 'softness' to a firmer mattress without reducing the overall level of support. One can also be used to add firmness to a soft mattress.

  • Added layer for comfort
  • Creates firm or soft feel
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Mattress protectors are designed to keep your mattress protected from dirt, dust, spills and anything else that might make its way to your mattress. And as you can't wash your mattress, a mattress protector add a washable cover that can be regularly cleaned - keeping your bed fresh and clean all year long. If you have pets that like to snuggle up with you, a mattress protector will also help keep mites and bugs at bay. If you want to make sure your mattress has a long and healthy life, investing in a mattress protector is a great idea.

  • Helps keep mattress clean and fresh
  • Protects from dirt/ dust/ spills
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At Dreams we recommend trying to air your mattress on a weekly basis by turning back your covers and leaving it to ventilate. Open spring and pocket spring mattresses should be turned regularly to avoid compression and dips caused by body weight. You do not need to turn memory foam, latex mattresses or gel mattresses - but rotating it length ways will prolong its life.

The easiest way to see if a mattress should be turned is to see if it has handles on both sides, this will mean it is double sided and you can sleep on both slides. You should turn you mattress head to toe and from side to side to make sure that it wears evenly.

  • Wears evenly
  • Helps weight distribution


After your mattress is delivered we recommend that you air it for 4 hours to freshen and remove any aroma from storage. You should also give some time for your mattress filling to settle. You can sleep on it whilst this happens, but don't worry if your mattress feels slightly different after a few night's sleep.

When you remove your bedding for washing it's a good opportunity to let you mattress air for half an hour or more. We also recommend that you vacuum it every month or two; take care not to damage the outer surface as this can be fairly delicate.

If you ever need to move or store your mattress you should never fold it as this can damage the interior construction and will reduce the quality of the comfort and support. Your mattress will generally be supplied with care and cleaning instructions from the manufacturer but we recommend using a very mild detergent if you need to remove any stains or spills.

  • Cool fresh properties
  • Luxurious feel
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