40 Night Comfort Guarantee

The Dreams 'Comfort Exchange' is offered as an additional service to our customers to underline our commitment to providing a great night’s sleep. The ‘Comfort Exchange’ allows for the replacement of a mattress if the Buyer finds their original purchase to be of the wrong comfort level for them.

  • It can be used at anytime but must be requested before 40 nights have lapsed from delivery of the original product.
  • If the Buyer decides their choice of mattress is proving uncomfortable, they may re-select to an alternative mattress of the same size. In the event that a higher priced alternative is selected, then any difference in price must be paid at the time of re-selection. We are unable to refund any difference in price if a lower priced product is selected.
  • Re-delivery charges will be applied and 'Comfort Exchanges' are limited to one exchange per product ordered.
  • All we ask is that the original mattress must be kept in good condition (not marked, mis-used or soiled in any way) so we insist on the use of a mattress protector.